2017 Excellence in GIS Award Winner – County Government

Excellence in GIS – County Government – Good Government

Commercial Site Review Application

This application was developed for the commercial site review and permitting process. Its purpose is to centralize communication between the project applicant, and the review committee representatives as well as foster transparency in local government.

The unique challenge was developing the workflow between the committee members and providing the necessary training to maintain the live data. The members of the committee update the details of the review in real time. Commercial Site Review Committee includes the following departments. Area Plan Commission, Building Commission, Evansville Water & Sewer Utility, Evansville Fire Department, City Engineer, County Surveyor, County Engineer, and Health Department.

Providing this tool has greatly increased the public awareness of local commercial development. It has sped up the review and permitting process for commercial development. Some other benefits we have seen from the application have been aiding commercial contractors and union workers with possible job opportunities.

Ryan Key, Evansville Vanderburgh County Area Plan Commission

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