2017 Excellence in GIS Runner Up – County Government

Excellence in GIS – County – Good Government

Web Based Oblique Imagery Implementation

Government agencies are flooded with various applications and data from varying sources on a daily basis.  In addition, many agencies are tasked with making decisions, often geographic or property centric.  St Joseph County wanted a tool to help with these decisions from a decision.

St Joseph county Indiana took a unique approach to disseminating this data to its stakeholders.  St Joseph County with support from the Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) implemented a web based oblique imagery platform from Eagleview Technologies using Pictometry Oblique Imagery.  The viewer is called Connect Explorer.  Imagery and GIS data from across the county has been utilized by many different agencies and departments from across the county.  Many agencies that were never exposed to GIS data, imagery or analysis tools were given access to the platform to assist with their daily work.  Various outreach efforts were made by the County to further educate all of the municipalities on the tools that were now available.  Many partners were discovered through these outreach and training efforts.  Some of these partners include other government agencies, universities (Notre Dame), police and fire, economic development and the general public.

The oblique imagery project implemented by St Joseph County and MACOG has changed how many agencies utilize geographic data throughout their day.  The community has benefited from having a more efficient government to make more informed decisions on a daily basis.  A unique case study emerging from the implementation of Connect Explorer is through a program called Work Keys through the local WorkOne office.  They are utilizing the Connect Explorer platform to determine public transportation routes in proximity to residences and work locations

John Carlson, St Joseph County, IN GIS

James Turnwald, Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG)

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