2017 ISPLS Convention – IGIC GIS & IndianaMap Presentations

In 2017 IGIC was very pleased to again host a series of GIS education sessions at ISPLS’s Annual Convention in Indianapolis.  On Friday 1/20/17.  We presented the following six (6) 50 minute education sessions on GIS and IndianaMap topics of broad interest to Indiana’s Surveying community.  A Dropbox hyperlink to access all of these presentations [in separate Session subfolders] is HERE.

Session 1:  Statewide Ortho-Lidar Program Updates and Other Geospatial Data Initiatives

Session Objectives:  This session will provide an overview and update of ongoing and new statewide geospatial data efforts including the statewide…

  • Orthoimagery
  • Lidar & DEM data
  • National Hydrography Data
  • Updated County Data Sharing efforts for Parcels, Addresses, Centerlines, and Boundaries
  • Geospatial data support for NG9-1-1, Broadband, and more…
  • IndianaMap access to geo-referenced Tie-Card and Historic GLO Records

Speakers & Bios: Jim Sparks, GIO & Phil Worrall, IGIC

Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer.  Jim has spent most of his career working with geospatial information. In 2007, He was appointed Indiana’s first Geographic Information Officer. He has a B.A. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Management.

Phil Worrall, Executive Director IGIC.  Phil leads the organization’s efforts in the statewide coordination of GIS through dissemination of data and data products, education and outreach, adoption of standards, building partnerships, and IndianaMap.

Session 2:  Indiana Spatial Data Portal Update

Session Objectives:  To introduce participants to the new tools available for data discovery and download of Indiana geospatial data.  University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University created the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) download tools to provide a means of easily retrieving multiple files from our online data clearinghouse. This session will discuss the modernization of the service from a downloadable standalone installation only available on Windows based systems, to a web-based application available to any client with a modern internet browser.

Speaker & Bio: Justin Peters, IU Bloomington UITS

Justin Peters, UITS.  Justin spends much of his time drinking from the geospatial fire hose and local breweries in Bloomington.  He is an open geospatial data enthusiast and programmer with a few degrees and decades in the rear-view mirror.

Session 3:  Exploring Indiana’s Statewide Local-Resolution National Hydrography Data

Session Objectives:  The 4.5 year Indiana National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) upgrade project has been completed, resulting in an updated statewide, seamless surface waters dataset for Indiana.  The project involved improving data from the High-Resolution NHD found on USGS 1:24K Topographic Quadrangle maps to 1:2,400 (or better) Local-Resolution NHD data aligned to orthophotography from 2005-2013.  The objectives of this workshop are to provide a brief history of the project, describe how the data were created, demonstrate where to find and download / use the data, and discuss plans for future maintenance.

Speakers & Bios:  Mike Martin, IDNR & Dave Nail, USGS

Mike Martin is the Agency GIS Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Co-Chair of the IGIC Waters Workgroup.

David Nail is the U.S. Geological Survey National Map Liaison to Indiana and Kentucky.  Previously, he was a supervisory cartographer producing National Hydrography Data.

Session 4:  IndianaMap 2D & 3D Data Applications using ArcGIS Online for Story Maps & Mobile Apps

Session Objectives:  The Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) recently created 5 ArgGIS Online StoryMaps and have many others in production. This session will focus on why telling a story with a map is more influential to users than traditional interactive maps. Techniques on creating StoryMaps will be addressed, including data formatting, template selection, custom html within templates, webmap development, and publishing ArcGIS web services for consumption within ArcGIS Online.

The session will also show how to access the new state-wide 3D elevation service and use the 3D elevation service published on IndianaMap in an online scene with ArcGIS.com and ArcGIS Pro. This service is used within 3D scenes that can then be embedded within interactive maps shared with the public.

Speaker & Bios:  Matt Johnson, IGS

Matt Johnson is the Cartographic Coordinator of the Indiana Geological Survey. He has a background in cartography, GIS, print production, and geography.

Session 5:  IndianaMap new Statewide County Parcels & DLGF data Pilot

Session Objectives:  With over 3.5 million GIS land parcels in Indiana combined with detailed County property assessment information** Indiana has created a new powerful tool to support not only the business of local and state government, but economic development, public safety, public health, infrastructure and environmental applications, as well as many private business applications.

In 2015 the GIO and IGIC developed a demonstration pilot project by joining the County GIS Data Sharing Parcels with the DLGF Property Assessment data in Esri’s Local Government Data Model.  This initial pilot not only demonstrated the feasibility to accurately join these data sets together with over a 97% match rate, but also demonstrated a wide variety of geospatial applications this combined dataset could support.

In 2016, a new Statewide County Parcels & DLGF data Pilot was developed to support the implementation of HEA1273 as well as to leverage the success of the original pilot.   This session will discuss the results of this new pilot project, as well as demonstrate access from IndianaMap and sample applications.

**In the 2016 Indiana General Assembly, House Enrolled Act 1273 addressed various property tax matters including the requirement for assessing officials to maintain geographic information system characteristics of real property parcels and to transmit that data annually to the Geographic Information Office (GIO) of the office of technology.  This has paved the way for this new pilot project.

Speakers & Bios:  Jim Sparks, GIO & Charline Avey, TechHow LLC

Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer.  Jim has spent most of his career working with geospatial information. In 2007, He was appointed Indiana’s first Geographic Information Officer. He has a B.A. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Management.

Charline Avey started her own consulting company, TechHow LLC, after retiring from Citizens Energy Group. She was on the technical committee for Indianapolis Mapping and Geographic Information System (IMAGIS) for 25 years.  Charline is also active on the Indiana Geographic Information Council and serves as chairperson of the Street Centerline and Address Workgroup.

Session 6:  IndianaMap Imagery & Lidar CAD Applications – Applications at NRCS Using High-Resolution Orthoimagery and DEM Data

Session Objectives: 
IndianaMap provides access to high-resolution imagery and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data developed from Indiana’s statewide LiDAR data. These data products can be easily downloaded and used with popular Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) software. Indiana NRCS Engineers and Technicians use CAD software, the imagery data, and the DEM data to generate surface models of project sites in order to develop profiles and cross-sections, estimate volumes, complete preliminary designs, supplement field survey data, and other operations. This session will focus on these and other CAD operations which utilize GIS data such as LiDAR and imagery that may be of interest to engineers and surveyors working on land development type projects.

Jason McKittrick, P.E., USDA-NRCS

Jason is the NRCS Area Office Engineer for Southeast Indiana based out of North Vernon. He works with multiple Conservation Delivery Teams within his Area to provide technical assistance to NRCS field staff and customers in 25 counties. He mainly works on animal waste projects and assists with other projects as needed. He is also responsible for training and quality assurance activities in the Area. Jason has been working for NRCS since 2006 and previously worked in the automotive industry as well as at IDNR-DOW. Jason has a B.S. from Purdue University in Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Chris Morse, USDA-NRCS

Chris is the State GIS Coordinator for NRCS in Indiana, based out of Indianapolis. He supports GIS and GPS operations in over 75 field offices around the state, develops user enhancements and tools for ArcGIS using Python, participates on national GIS teams within NRCS to develop training courses, and serves as one of the Federal sector representatives on the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) Board of Directors. Chris has over 15 years of experience in the GIS field and has worked with numerous datasets including soils, DEMs, LiDAR, hydrography and watersheds, and imagery. Recent projects include support of imagery and elevation data acquisitions in Indiana as well as automation of field office digitizing processes that utilize DEMs as base data. Chris has a B.A. in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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