2017 Special Achievement in GIS Award Winner

Special Achievement in GIS

Route Development for the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay

The relay was a way to connect all 92 counties and all citizens together for an event to celebrate the state’s bicentennial. The challenge given to INDOT was to create a route for the Torch Relay that would connect:

All 92 counties, all County Seats, historic sites, state parks, major universities, all major modes of transportation in a route from Corydon to the State Capitol.  All needed to be routed, timed and scheduled to +/- 15 minute arrival times over a 32 day span.  Maps, routes and graphics were needed for public display, various media types and internal use (locals, police, caravan…).  It was soon evident that GIS and specifically network analyst would be needed to assist with this project.  The project was a collection of many hours of meetings and planning with various levels of government from every community as well as several state agencies.  The nominated team took all the input and came up with many of the maps and route solutions used throughout the event.

The project was a success on two level.  First it greatly assisted with the logistics of the torch relay.  It gave everyone a common operations map.  From state coordination, state police escorts and safety, county coordinators for planning and organizing runners.  Secondly, the project allowed the Torch Relay to happen in which really affected thousands of Hoosiers.  It gave all counties and hundreds of towns the opportunity to celebrate the bicentennial right in their community.  A 3000+ mile party that went on for six weeks.

Joel Bump, ‎Director of Information Technology, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)

Jeff Motz, INDOT – GIS/MIS Division

Matt Cook, INDOT – GIS/MIS Division

Derek Fuller, INDOT – GIS/MIS Division

Jim Hill (retired), INDOT – GIS/MIS Division

Yue Li (intern),  INDOT – GIS/MIS Division

Noelle Szydlyk, Director, Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay

Mark Newman, Executive Director, Indiana Office of Tourism Development

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