Meet the Board

Kurt Babcock

Kurt is a long time member of IGIC who has dedicated many hours and years to the advancement of the GIS profession. He has served in both the state and local levels of government as a GIS professional working to improve coordination and data sharing in communities across Indiana. He has worked in the private sector gaining valuable experience in the field of design, architecture, and engineering that can aid him in identifying the needs of IGIC members across the professional spectrum. Kurt strives to improve the accuracy and transparency of geospatial information for all Hoosiers by promoting adherence to sound technical practices and statewide accessibility to data.

Eric Banschbach

Eric has been the Manager of the Land and Aerial Survey Office within the Indiana Department of Transportation since 2008. He has been an Indiana licensed Professional Surveyor for 14 years and has been working in the field of land surveying, both in private practice and public service, for 24 years. He has been on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Inc. since 2010. In his position with the state, he represents Indiana on the Great Lakes Regions Height Modernization Program Consortium and has been a member of the joint IGIC-ISPLS Geodetic Control Workgroup actively involved in the progress of Indiana’s Height Modernization program. His office is responsible for the administration, maintenance and operation of Indiana’s statewide network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations and GPS-GNSS Real Time Network, known as InCORS. His office is also responsible for the INDOT Benchmark network and database.

Megan Compton

Megan is the GIS Coordinator at the Indiana Integrated Public Safety Commission. Megan has blended GIS with Public Safety beginning as a research assistant for the Center for Criminal Justice Research at the IU Public Policy Institute, continuing as Director of the Drug and Crime Control Division of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, and currently as GIS Administrator for the Indiana Integrated Public Safety Commission. Megan has developed additional skills in the areas of government administration and policy, program development, analysis, and grant writing. She has an MPA, Criminal Justice & Policy, from IUPUI.

Lacey Duncan

Lacey is a GIS Analyst at The Polis Center at IUPUI, primarily working to assist DNR with their FEMA Risk MAP efforts and the Veterans Affairs space management project. She has been a member of IGIC and the Waters Workgroup since 2008. Lacey is enthusiastic about GIS and the benefits it brings to the community. As a board member, she would continue to promote public use of IGIC’s data and maximizing GIS within government.

Jennifer Dunn

Jennifer is a Senior Geographic Analyst with HERE (formerly known as Navteq), a Nokia Business. She has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from IU’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs and this is where she discovered her passion for maps and GIS. She has been working with HERE in their Indianapolis Field Office for the past 13 years. She is responsible for maintaining HERE’s map database in Indiana. Her duties include adding new roads (with over 300 attributes) though field data collection, imagery, and centerline or parcel sources. She has recently started to focus more on making local contacts for data sources and she has also initiated community scouring efforts.

Elliot Englert

Elliot is a CC -Technical Services Assistant at Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission, where he assists local government officials with grant services, community base mapping, and brownfields redevelopment. He has been lightly involved with IGIC for the past 6 years, but strives to increase this engagement. With Indiana 15 being a solid member of the Indiana Association of Regional Councils (IARC) it will allow him the resources to serve and direct the geo-related needs of all regional organizations in the state. Elliot holds a Bachelors degree from IU in Geography and Geology with a concentration in GIS. He has recently gained critical communication and leadership skills with Toastmasters International being a founding member of DC Speaks.

Al Frisinger

Al has over 46 years of experience as a surveyor, and has served Allen County citizens for 35 years, spending the last 19 years as the County’s Surveyor. Frisinger obtained degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Technology from Purdue University in 1977, and also served with the US Army Corps of Engineers from 1969-1972. He is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor, and is involved with several professional societies including the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Association of State Floodplain Managers, and the National Association of County Surveyors.

Irv Goldblatt

Irv works for the State of Indiana as IDEM/GIO, Infrastructure Manager/State Agency GIS Coordinator. Irv has been active with the Indiana GIS community since the early 1990’s. He has been involved with planning Conferences since the 1991 Midwest Arc Users Group and has been an active advocate of GIS coordination and cooperation between agencies. He is an active member of IGIC and was active with the predecessor entity, UGISA. Irv is also a recipient of the David Ford Special Achievement Award in 2010.

John Hannel

John is a GISP and PMP with over 25 years of experience managing complex geospatial technology integration projects. His GIS career has allowed him to lead many high profile and strategic utility asset implementation programs for some great companies and clients around the world. He is proud to have been elected to the IGIC Board and is hopeful for the opportunity to be involved in GIS at this level.

Rick Hill

Rick Hill is employed with the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) as Assistant Director for Technical Services. Rick has served the IGS in previous roles as Cartographer, Head Cartographer, Publications Manager, and Head of Information Technology Services. Rick offers his unique experiences in mapping, GIS, IT, management, and strong support of IGIC’s goal to provide coordination of Indiana GIS through dissemination of data and data products, education and outreach, adoption of standards, building partnerships, and IndianaMap.

Bill Holder

Bill is currently the Kosciusko County GIS Director. He is also one of the founders of the Northeast Indiana Geospatial Information Community (NIGIC) and has previously served as its President. Bill served on the IGIC Board from 2007-2009, and was elected President of the organization in 2008. In his spare time he likes to map cemeteries. He undertook a countywide mapping project with the Kosciusko County Historical Society to map every cemetery within the County.

Steven J. Hook

Steve is a GISP and GIS Manager for Noble County Government. Over the last 18 years Steve has worked in the Surveyor’s Office for 7 years and been GIS Coordinator for 11. While GIS Coordinator, Steve worked with city and town governments sharing GIS resources, helped various county government offices to improve efficiency, and serves on the Noble County Economic Development Corporation Board. Steve is also a past President of IGIC, and a past and current President of the Northeast Indiana Geospatial Information Community (NIGIC).

Chad Hoover

Chad Hoover has a B.S. in Environmental Science and works at LaGrange County REMC, Engineering/GIS Technician. Chad has represented Rural County Governments on the IGIC Board in the past. He has experience with all GIS activities within County Government working as the Steuben County GIS Coordinator. He recently began working for the Lagrange County REMC and is looking forward to working on the GIS infrastructure for the electric utility. He has been working in GIS for the last 16 years, earning his GISP in 2008.

John Howe

John is the GIS Director for Gibson County. John’s purpose in joining IGIC has been to increase two-way communication for both the GIS professionals in Southwestern Indiana and the IGIC Board. He has spent 10 years as a GIS Technician, Analyst and now Director in the local government sector. He received both his Bachelor’s and MPA from the University of Missouri.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle is GIS Coordinator, Delaware County GIS Department. Kyle has worked in the GIS Profession for 14 years. He has facilitated the integration of GIS applications into many departments and agencies as well as to the public, increasing efficiency and government transparency. Kyle has built strong partnerships with Ball State University and other agencies to help promote GIS as an important tool to help them make better decisions. Kyle has helped plan the annual GIS Conference as a local liaison for the IGIC Conference Committee.

Nicole Kong

Dr. Kong is an Assistant Professor and GIS Specialist at Purdue University Libraries. Her research interests include geospatial information discovery, access, integration, and management, as well as GIS education across disciplines. She led the development of a geospatial data portal at Purdue University, participated in various geospatial research projects, and is teaching graduate level GIS courses. From the outreach perspective, she is organizing Purdue’s GIS Day College and High School programs in recent years.

Tom Maggard

Tom has 10 years of professional GIS experience in public, private, and educational sectors, with the last 3 years in local government. He has been a member of IGIC for 5 years and a member of the Waters Workgroup. Tom is responsible for GIS updates, maintenance, and education for the City of Greenwood employees and citizens. He is an advocate for the need of data sharing within the GIS community.

Rob Mendel

Rob is the CAD/GIS Technician for the City of Huntingburg, where he manages the GIS and provides user support. He has spent the last few years updating and improving the GIS for the City. The GIS is used by all Departments within the City of Huntingburg.

Chris Morse

Chris has been the state GIS Coordinator for the UDSA NRCS in Indiana for the last 5 years and is also a Federal Sector representative on the Indiana Geographic Information Council. Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Chris has worked for NRCS for 15 years on numerous GIS tasks that include soil surveys, the National Resource Inventory program, all NRCS conservation programs across multiple Farm Bills, and multiple imagery, elevation, and hydro data production efforts.

David Nail

Dave is the USGS Geospatial Liaison to Indiana. He has over 18 years service with the USGS and previously worked with the National Hydrography Data program for 10 years as a project manager and production supervisor. David received his BS in Geology from Missouri State University.

Dan Niksch

Dan is the GIS Coordinator for the City of Crown Point. He Graduated from Ball State University in 2005 with a degree in Computer Technology, and has been with the City since then. In 2006 the City started its GIS department with Dan leading the way. He works daily with all City departments, as well as local emergency responders, to provide updated mapping solutions. The City of Crown Point is continually using new technologies for mapping, including street level video mapping. Dan is a member of the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum.

Kent Park

Kent brings more than 30 years of assisting all levels of government and private firms with their geospatial requirements. He sees the value of bringing multiple individuals, and varying levels of government together for the greater success of the entire group. Kent previously served eight years as an IGIC board member, and continues to be active in many of IGIC’s meetings, workgroups and committees.

Justin P. Peters

Justin is a GIS Specialist at Indiana University Bloomington. Justin has been involved with Indiana GIS efforts since the early 2000’s including development work on the IndianaMap, the Indiana Spatial Data Portal, and service on numerous IGIC workgroups and committees. As a member of the IGIC board, Justin will contribute valuable insight and experiences from his current position of managing GIS software site licenses for IU and the IU regional campuses throughout Indiana.

Brianna Powers

Brianna has a Bachelor’s in Geographical Information Sciences from The Ohio State University and is also pursuing her MBA from Xavier University. She currently works as one of the top GIS Analysts at Duke Energy where she engages all parts of the business and interacts with various outside agencies within the Midwest. While having outstanding technical skills, it’s her ability to translate business needs into value-adding GIS applications that distinguishes her.

Matt Riggs

Matt is currently employed at the Polis Center and teaching at IUPUI. He has been involved with GIS for over 23 years and strongly supports the role IGIC plays in the Indiana GIS community. He is excited that his current employment allows him to dedicate time assisting IGIC to fulfill its mission.

Carol Rogers

Carol leads the IBRC’s work providing economic and demographic data to Indiana. She is the State Liaison to the Census Bureau, works with the Federal Cooperative on population projections, and is a leader of the State Data Center Program. Under Carol’s guidance, Indiana data is accessible via the STATS Indiana website. Carol’s goal both with IBRC and IGIC is to improve availability of GIS data and tools, and help people use these resources to yield insights.

Matt Rummel

As a member of IGIC since its inception, Matt has played an active role in the development and progress of the organization. Serving as Vice-President for IGIC in 2015 has allowed him to work closely with several members of IGIC and further understand and appreciate the needs of individuals and organizations from all levels of government, the academic world, and the private sector. By working with other Board Members to address the goals and objectives of IGIC, along with his 20 years of GIS experience, he believes that his position on the IGIC Board will continue to bring additional insight and knowledge to the members of IGIC and the GIS community.

Shaun Scholer

Shaun Scholer, GISP, has been managing the Wayne County/City of Richmond GIS Interlocal since 2002. He has also been involved in IGIC serving on the board as well as the executive committee where he is currently serving as Treasurer for IGIC. He received a Master’s in Geography in 1995 from Indiana State University.

Geoff Schomacker

Geoff Schomacker is a project manager for the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA), a state agency led by the Lt. Governor’s Office. His role focuses on broadband policy, entrepreneurship, and economic development. In this position, Geoff partners with community and industry leaders to develop programs to build capacity to achieve their vision for economic development. Geoff developed firsthand knowledge of entrepreneurship while building a commercial service organization prior to joining OCRA’s staff. This venture evolved out of a successful career in sales and management in the technology industry. Born in Michigan City, Indiana, Geoff is enthusiastic about OCRA’s mission to assist small communities in shaping their economic futures to ensure that our smallest communities continue to be attractive places to build lives and raise families. Geoff loves Indiana’s natural beauty. He loves to explore the outdoors with his dogs, and often canoes our state’s rivers and streams. Geoff volunteers for Junior Achievement, acts as an amateur handyman, and could have been a top contender on Rock and Roll Jeopardy.

Larry Stout

Larry has been a GIS Developer for Beck’s Hybrids since he retired from Hamilton County in 2015. Previously, he was the Hamilton County GIS Director for 19 years. He also worked with GIS for SIECO Engineers, R.W. Armstrong, and Indianapolis Water. Before that he was a Civil Engineer. Larry was one of the founding members of IGIC and served as President in 2007.

Anne E. Trobaugh

Anne Trobaugh serves as Corporate Relations Director for the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns (IACT), where she works with local elected officials and corporate members, manages the Associate Member and Endorsed Programs, solicits corporate sponsorships, sells advertising, provides governmental affairs assistance and serves as staff liaison for several IACT Affiliate Groups. Anne also serves as the part-time Executive Director for the Indiana Association of Regional Councils, a position she was appointed to in 2006. Prior to joining IACT in 2001, Anne gained local government experience working for the City of Kokomo from 1997-2001, serving in the Economic Development and Public Works Departments. Anne sits on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Rural Development Council, Inc. and the Purdue University Center for Regional Development Advisory Committee and also serves on the Membership Committee for Downtown Indianapolis GOP Inc, and is a member of St. Christopher’s Catholic Church in Speedway. Anne received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from Kentucky Wesleyan College in 1997 and a Graduate Certificate in Non-profit Management from Indiana University in 2002. A native of Kokomo, Indiana, she currently resides in Indianapolis.

Robert N. Wilkinson

Bob has been the GIS Coordinator for the Indiana DNR Division of Water for the past nine years and an active IGIC member for ten years. He is an active participant in the Waters Workgroup, Board of Geographic Names Workgroup, Elevation Workgroup, Data Sharing Committee and GIS Response Corps Committee. In his position with the Division of Water, Bob has worked with many GIS professionals in the public and private sector. In doing so, he has gained an excellent understanding of the Indiana GIS community’s strengths, opportunities, and needs.

Phil Worrall

Executive Director, Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC). Phil helps leads the organizations efforts to build a strong geospatial community across Indiana. These efforts include GIS education, outreach, partnerships, and coordination to help develop and share local, state and federal geospatial data across Indiana. Phil works collaboratively with a strong and active community of GIS and non-GIS professionals across the state, numerous partner organizations, and the State of Indiana’s Geographic Information Officer (Jim Sparks) to accomplish these goals and to promote and advance IGIC’s IndianaMap cornerstone initiative. Phil has served as IGIC’s Executive Director since 2008, and also has over 35 years of private industry experience working in the mapping sciences. Phil along with Jim Sparks also represent Indiana on the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC).