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City, Town and County Questions

Phil Worrall, IGIC Executive Director
Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer (GIO)


Question 1: Has anyone been able to construct and present an argument to your City regarding why the City should participate with the county to pay for data such as new orthophotography?

A: No, but we should! IGIC will look into preparing talking points for local government GIS Coordinators (both City and County) to have this discussion with their policy makers and elected officials. We understand the benefits of preparing these types of tools to help local GIS staff effectively communicate the value and funds needed to support local GIS data development. If you have already had this conversation with your elected officials we would love to hear your story. Also, anyone interested in helping prepare this document, please email Phil Worrall at IGIC (

IGIC has a number of presentations, flyers, and GIS success stories available for download. They are generally intended for a non-specialist audience, and can be useful in talking with officials.

Flyers and brochures
Presentations – with extensive speaker notes
Success Stories – available in pdf format

Question 2: Our county commissioners would like to know who is using our GIS data and why.

A: Although under freedom of information laws we are not allowed to ask questions regarding why or how requestors are using public records, we do know the following: From conversations with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security we know that disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery efforts rely on local date. The Indiana State Police Computer Aided Dispatch program, and the Indiana Broadband Mapping Project are just two more recent examples of how local data are being used for statewide initiatives. We also have information on nearly 60 individual GIS Success Stories and our Annual GIS Awards online at Great GIS, and we encourage all GIS coordinators to send us more!

Question 3: What problems/solutions have GIS groups had with State-mandated transition to certified tax and assessment software?

A: We have not heard of any problems, but this issue may not be specifically identified as an IGIC (GIS) issue. We would be very interested in hearing from local governments about any problems they have or are encountering using these certified assessment software packages with their GIS data and software, and their solutions. Please email information to Phil Worrall (