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GIS Inventory (Ramona) Questions

Phil Worrall, IGIC Executive Director




Question 1: What is Ramona?

A: The GIS Inventory (Ramona) is a web tool developed and maintained by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC). Each of the 50 States has its own web page and administrators. For Indiana the GIO and IGIC Executive Director are administrators.



Question 2: Is there a web site to help?

A: Yes, the page is The page can also be accessed from the IGIC web site by selecting “Maps & Data > Data Inventory” from the top pull-down menu.



Question 3: How do I add my contact and data information into the GIS Inventory (Ramona)?

A: In the upper right-hand corner of the GIS Inventory (Ramona) web page there is a CREATE ACCOUNT button. As part of this process you will add your contact and data information. To update your information use the LOG IN button.



Question 4: Can the GIS Inventory (Ramona) be set up so that we can add info about data we know of, but are not the steward of?

A: You can, but there is no way to identify a different Steward. You would be the point of contact for any inquiries regarding that data. If you are the City, Town or County GIS Coordinator that would be an acceptable way to inventory all of your data holdings.