IGIC’s Indiana GIS Response Corps

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IGIC’s Indiana GIS Response Corps Questions

Christina McCullough, Indiana National Guard


Question 1: What constitutes an emergency?

A: Usually, a jurisdiction will declare an emergency per the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS).

Question 2: How many Indiana GIS Response Corps volunteers are in Hamilton County?

A: So far, there are two members in Hamilton County.

Question 3: Is there a limit of volunteers per county?

A: At present, there are no limits.

Question 4: If you volunteer for the Indiana GIS Response Corps do you have to go on site in an emergency?

A: It will depend upon the incident and the type of GIS support needed. Because the group is so new, many procedures are still being developed.

Question 5: If you volunteer, how does one get approval from work? Are there forms?

A: Yes. Emergency Management Area Coordinators (EMACs) are usually the official document.

Question 6: Is the Response Corps going to educate EMA directors on the importance of local GIS and working with GIS staff?

A:Yes. We are going to start our work with counties where the GIS and EMA personel already work together in response and recovery efforts during emergencies. We will use these as case studies to develop our procedures and templates to use in a future outreach and education initiative with other counties. The idea is to start locally by having the EMA and GIS staff to work together, then expand to provide cross-jurisdictional support. We will work and coordinate these efforts with Roger Koelpin at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security through the entire process.