Indiana Broadband Mapping Project

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Broadband Mapping Project Questions

Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer (GIO)


Question 1: How much of the $1.3 million for data sharing will go to each county?

A: If this budget is approved, each participating county will receive enough to pay for continuing the WFS feed for two additional years.

Question 2: Previous efforts have focused on the County, so what funding or grant opportunities will make it down to local City/Town level?

A: Grant opportunities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and almost always happen because we are able to make a case as to why GIS helps another agency. It would be worthwhile to convene a group from Cities and Towns to explore how their GIS data or applications might be used to support other activities. Other funding vehicles (legislative, fees, etc.) can be more easily directed and distributed across the GIS community. However, as you know, we have no funding at this time.

Question 3: What is the plan for developing useable broadband (DSL, cable, wireless, fiber) maps?

A: A substantially complete map is needed quickly (February 2010). In Phase One, we will integrate existing public domain data. In Phase 2 (after February 1, 2010), we will contact service providers to get better data and improve the map. In Phase 3, the data layer will be put into maintenance mode. Some of the information collected from providers may have to be protected.