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Indiana Data Sharing Initiative Questions

Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer (GIO)


Question 1: How do I get started with a data sharing agreement?

A: Contact Jim Sparks, Indiana GIO

Question 2: When current agreements expire is the State going to help with funding to keep data current and maintained for the IndianaMap?

A: Yes. If the budget for the Broadband Mapping Project is approved, each participating county will receive enough to pay for continuing the WFS feed for two additional years.

Question 3: Have counties with no GIS data to share signed the agreement anyway to show support and future commitment?

A:No. The agreement was structured exclusively to make a data transfer happen.

Question 4: For counties that do not have all four layers to share, are we providing any grants or resources to help create these layers?

A: Potentially. As was requested in the initial data sharing invitation letter, counties in this situation should contact the GIO (

Question 5: How did the Geographic Information Officer and IGIC promote the data sharing initiative?

A: Letters went to the County Commissioners which laid out a business case for it. IGIC Road Shows around the state educated locals on the value of sharing their local data.

Question 6: Why are counties not participating? Why not?

A: Currently 18 counties are not participating. There are 3-4 that do not have the data to share. Some counties have a business model that does not include the free access model of the IndianaMap.

Question 7: How does the IndianaMap provide data to The National Map?

A: Geospatial One Stop (GOS) harvests metadata information once a week from the IndianaMap and automatically provides this information to The National Map. This could be improved, a task the GIO is working on. The best data is local data and funding must begin here.