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State Police CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Project Questions

Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer (GIO)


Question 1: Will the statewide State Police CAD system use existing county 911 maps (paid for by the monthly charges to our phone bills), or will they compile yet another GIS dataset?

A: The statewide computer aided dispatch system will use county address data from the Data Sharing Initiative that has been integrated into a statewide layer. In many, but not all, cases this data is the same as the 911 data. The planners for the CAD project are very happy to get their data from one (or maybe two) places rather than 92 (or more) places. It is not clear yet what source will be used to fill in data for those counties that are not part of the data sharing initiative. Whatever it is, it’s probably not going to be as accurate or up-to-date as the statewide layer which will be updated about once per month.

Question 2: Will the statewide State Police CAD system be based on street centerline, point address, or a combination of both?

A: Point Addresses.

Question 3: Is there a set schema for points and lines?

A: They will start with the statewide data layer schema. It is unknown if that schema will be changed.