IGIC Seminars & Webinars


IGIC Seminars and Webinars

Introduction to LiDAR Hub (September 2013) – recorded webinar
Introduction to SAVI (August 2013) – recorded webinarpresentation
Regional Land Conservation Strategies with GIS (July 2013) – recorded webinarpresentation
GIS for Crime Analysis (June 2013) – recorded webinarpresentation
Spatial Epidemiology Studies (April 2013) – recorded webinarpresentation
An Overview of the Google Map API and Fusion Tables (March 2013) – recorded webinarpresentationcode
Navigating the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder (March 2013) – recorded webinar
Overview of the IndianaMap (February 2013) – recorded webinarpresentation
USGS Historical Published Maps (March 2012)
GIS and NIMS: Emergency Solutions for Communities (August 2011)
DIY Historical Imagery Project (July 2011)
GIS in the Cloud (June 2011) – blogspotpresentation (video)
Introduction to GIS (June 2011)
Using New Census Data: A GIS-Centric Webinar (May 2011) – presentationtables
GIS in the Cloud (April 2011)
Grants 101 (March 2011)
Leveraging a Common Operating Picture: Adobe Flex 101 (October 2010)
Using GPS for GIS Data Maintenance (September 2010)
GIS and Stormwater Management (May 2010)
Census 2010 and GIS: Where, When and What Can We Expect (April 2010)
Indiana Property Data: New Ways to Obtain Data (March 2010)
Introduction to Remote Sensing Applications for GIS Applications (January 2010)
Grants and Other Funding Sources for GIS (October 2009) handout > presentation
The LiDAR Seminar (August 2009)
Introduction to GIS (July 2009)
Trends in GIS for Emergency Management (June 2009)
Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and You (July 2008)
Mashable Maps: An Introduction to Web-Based Mapping with Google and Microsoft (July 2008)
ArcGIS Server 9.3 (June 2008)
ArcGIS Server: Question and Answer Session (June 2008)
Sample Applications Using ArcGIS Server Web ADF and Mobile SDK (June 2008)
An Enterprise Approach to Using Oblique Photography (March 2008)
GIS for Engineering (October 2007)
Making More Visually Pleasing Maps: Applied Cartography and Visualization (October 2007)
Using GIS to Identify and Understand Wetlands (August 2007)
Mapping Wetlands
Watershed Delineation: Using the Spatial Analyst Extension for ArcGIS
Using High Resolution Digital Surface Models to Evaluate Isolated Wetlands
Using High Resolution Digital Surface Models to Evaluate Isolated Wetlands (Exercise)
Making Credible Maps (June 2007)
The Value of Metadata as a Data Management & Project Management Tool (June 2007)
Geospatial Technologies in the K-12 Classroom (May 2007)
Water, Water Everywhere: Finding & Using Hydrology Data (April 2007)
USGS Hydrography Products
The USGS Indiana Hydrologic Monitoring Network
GIS-Based Hydrology Analysis
Keep it Moving with Maps: GIS in Transportation (February 2007)
Introduction to GIS (January 2007)
IndianaMap for Economic Development Set of Five presentations under “Need More?” (September 2006)
Addressing Do’s and Don’ts (July/September 2006)
Introduction to GIS for Librarians (August 2006)
Digital Elevation Models (May/June 2006)
First Steps to Creating and Maintaining Your Basemap (April 2006)
Copyrights and GIS Presentation at NACO (March 2006)
About the Indiana Geographic Information Council (March 2006)
2005 Orthophotography Update (November 2005)
Practical Uses of Orthophotography: Planimetrics (November 2005)
Practical Uses of Digital Elevation Data (November 2005)
Practical Uses of Color Infrared Photography (November 2005)
What Are INGISI and IGIC? (June 2005)
GIS & Emergency Management: Homeland Security Information (May 2005)
The IndianaMap Project (May 2005)
Data Security & Implications of Geospatial Data Dissemination (April 2004)
GIS Professional Certification and the GIS Certification Institute (February 2004)
Free Data: Finding and Using No-Cost and Low-Cost Data (December 2003)