IGIC 2014 Membership Map

This is a map of our 2014 Membership created by IGIC Board Member Kyle Johnson, GIS Coordinator, Delaware County GIS Department.  We plan to publish a 2015 membership map sometime in May. View larger map OR, you can view using this ArcGIS Online map: http://arcg.is/1FRCcU5 to view this density map layer from the Contents Tab.

Membership Archived Minutes

February 21, 2013 The committee has generated its strategic plan for 2013 (www.igic.org/committees/2013committeeplans.pdf). August 16, 2012 The Committee did not meet during this period, but is planning to address issues related to the 2012 Membership Drive in the next months. April 19, 2012 The Committee met once during this period to discuss progress on current […]