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May 18, 2013

1. 2013 Annual GIS Conference – Registration Status (173 currently, goal is to match last year 220)

2. Monday (Pre-conference events)
Bike Tour & Evening Social
[URISA Workshop & Golf Scramble canceled, but will be scheduled at a later data]

3. Final Conference Agenda
Conference Schedule [link]
Student Volunteers (14)
Call for Board Member Session Moderators
Call for BOAF Breakfast Session Moderators (City/Towns, Counties, State, Federal)

4. Awards
Excellence in GIS Award Nominations (8 nominations)
College Student Poster Competition (7 Student Posters)
No K-12 Poster Competition this year

5. 2014 Annual GIS Conference
May 7th & 8th, 2014 (Wed & Thu)
Signed contract with Sheraton Hotel, Keystone at the Crossing
100% Remodeled
No? Off-site [LAB] Workshops for 2014 (Testing BYO Device Workshops this year)
Suite Package included with Hotel Room Nights

February 21, 2013

The committee has generated its strategic plan for 2013 (

August 16, 2012

The Committee met on August 15th for lunch to celebrate another successful conference and begin planning for the 2013 and 2014 conferences. We will have some committee membership changes effective immediately.

  • Long time committee member John Hannel is stepping down from the committee. A big thanks to everything John has done for us.
  • Justin Peters and Chris Dintaman are also leaving the committee. They are Bloomington locals who joined last year to help with the 2012 conference.
  • In their place, Angie Gibson and Kyle Johnson are returning to the committee to help us with the Muncie logistics for the 2013 conference.

Our next meeting is scheduled for September 19th at Keystone at the Crossing to tour potential site for our 2014 conference.

June 21, 2012

Our 2012 Annual GIS Conference was a great success! We had 220 attendees, which was down from last year. We have received about 100 responses to the post-conference SurveyMonkey for attendees and non-attendees. Some of the highlights from the survey include:

  • 60% of attendees have 10+ years of experience and 1/3 have been to five or more conferences
  • It was the 1st conference for 17% of attendees
  • A mix of industries: 8% were State employees and 24% (the highest) were Academic and Research
  • Conference satisfaction : 57% rated it good and 27% excellent
  • Attendees liked the golf outing being park of the conference
  • Attendees would like to see us offer professional development workshop options (e.g. from URISA), but not for an additional expense

Combined net profit for the 2012 Conference and Golf Scramble was over $10,000.

The 2013 conference is under contract with Muncie again, and we are exploring new facilities for 2014 to help increase attendance and keep the location fresh. The Committee will not be meeting in June or July, but will pick back up in August for a kickoff meeting.


April 19, 2012

The conference committee is finalizing the last minute details for the conference on May 8-9th. The last two months have been a flurry of activity for us. We have:

  • Placed all presenters in the final schedule
  • Our Golf-subcommittee has finalized the golf outing details and opened up registration for that event
  • Conducted a final walk through with the Bloomington Convention Center
  • Secured all workshops and are working with the instructors on room and software details

Most recently, FEMA, IDHS, the Clark County Assessor & 39 Degrees North are scheduled to do a talk about the GIS community efforts in response to the southern Indiana tornadoes in March.

All announcements and registration /membership info are available online. We are seeing the registration numbers rise the closer we get to conference time, which is a typical trend.

We are hoping for a good turnout, but still need to ask all Board Members to attend and help promote attending both the conference and golf outing to their GIS colleagues and the sectors they represent.


February 16, 2012

The Committee finalized specific goals for the upcoming year. In 2012 we anticipate a steady number of attendees as we return to the Bloomington Convention Center. The 2012 conference has been pushed back two months from previous conferences, so we are hoping a May date opens the door for new and exciting opportunities with the option for outside events. There will be a new pre-conference activity as the annual IGIC golf outing will be taking place the day before the conference starts. We are also trying some new events like a mash-up competition, speaker registration discounts and an exhibitor speed dating lunch.

December 8, 2011

The conference committee had conference calls in November and December. We are narrowing down the list of possible hands-on workshops to highlight some new GIS trends. The call for presentation abstracts is also open and we have received two so far. Online registration is also open to the public and the vendor registration announcements are being emailed out soon. We are also bringing back past events and adding some new items to the mix including:

  • Speaker registration discounts
  • Monday Golf outing and Awards dinner
  • IndianaMap R3 Mash-up Competition
  • Free Exhibit Space for IGIC Partners (IGS, UITS, INDOT, INDNR, IDEM, USGS, NRCS, GENI, ISPLS, INSGC)
  • Conference Exhibitors Speed Dating lunches
  • Birds-of-a-Feather Breakfast Breakouts
  • IGIC Committee/Workgroup Updates (IGNITE Sessions)
  • Trends in Geospatial Technology and Data (IGIC/Conference Sponsor IGNITE Session)
  • Walking Tours/Events (IU Architecture; IU GeoCaching Club Activity, IGIC Urban Orienteering (Bar Crawl) event; IGS Building/Museum Self Guided Tour)

It’s going to be the best conference ever!!


October 20, 2011

The conference committee had call-in meetings in both August and October, where we officially kicked off the new planning season for a May conference in Bloomington. We have added two new members to the mix – Justin Peters and Chris Dintaman – who replace Angie Gibson and Kyle Johnson. The call for abstracts goes out to the public November 1st and announcements will be posted to the industry calendars very soon. Online registration also opens in December. New this year: we have responded to the survey requests that we offer a discount to presenters. We have eliminated the early bird pricing and modified a few other prices to make everything work.

Presenter Pricing

  • $200.00 IGIC Members
  • $320.00 Non-Member Registration
  • $130.00 IGIC Members One Day Registration
  • $190.00 One Day Non-Member Registration
  • $75.00 Student Registration (Full Time Students)

Non-Presenter Pricing

  • $225.00 IGIC Members
  • $345.00 Non-Member Registration
  • $155.00 IGIC Members One Day Registration
  • $215.00 One Day Non-Member Registration
  • $100.00 Student Registration (Full Time Students)


  • $650.00 Booth (two free registrations)s
  • $100.00 Additional Booth Registration
  • $1000.00 Conference Sponsor (two free registrations)
  • $1845.00 Ruby Sponsor (two free registrations)
  • $2345.00 Diamond Sponsor (three free registrations)

We are also adding a new IndianaMap R3 mashup competition, a vendor speed dating lunch and some new ideas for session and workshop tracks. The day before the conference will be IGIC’s annual golf outing and a possible welcome reception for conference attendees. It’s going to be the best conference ever!!

April 28, 2011

The Conference Committee recently met on March 16th & April 15th. We did a conference recap, including:

  • 259 registered attendees
  • Cost to IGIC that was $9K less than last year
  • Our net profit was about $16,000

We looked at the feedback survey and determined we need to be reaching out to the beginners/GIS 101 people more next year. Some years we get requests for more advances sessions, some years it‟s sessions for beginners…. We try to accommodate all! We will also try to attract more municipal people since they were only 16%. We are looking more closely at a short list of other items to address as well.

When we met in April, we decided that the 2012 conference would be held Bloomington and 2013 in Muncie. The dates for the 2012 conference will be May 8-9 and we are locked in for May 7-8, 2013 with Muncie. We hope moving back the conference a few months will provide better weather for travelers and we are going to pair the IGIC Golf Outing with the conference also.

February 28, 2011

The conference committee recently met on February 14th. The last pieces of the annual conference puzzle are falling into place. We have had an awesome year with new volunteers on the committee. Angie Gibson, Kyle Johnson and Joan Keene have all jumped in with enthusiasm and are about to get their 1st dose of the being the scenes at the conference!

New this year – a GIS for Teachers Workshop: Layne Young is working with GENI and they are running with the idea of getting GIS into the classrooms. We are excited to see the new connections that will be made.

We are still discussing different options for hosting the 2012 conference and have been doing site visits and price comparisons. This decision will be made at our March meeting. We look forward to any comments and suggestions about the conference, changes you would like to see, etc. Please take a few moments at the conference to thank the committee members for all their hard work and offer your suggestions for future years.

December 3, 2010

The conference committee met twice during this period, on October 27th and on November 11th at the IGIC Office.

The 2011 program subcommittee has drafted a preliminary agenda for the conference. We have an excellent slate of over 60 workshops and session presentations planned. The SurveyMonkey voting to help us schedule our top session will wrap up next week and we will then finalize and announce the program and publish the abstracts.

We have added a General Session to Tuesday afternoon right before the Vendor Reception. We are inviting Indiana Elected Officials to attend these events (For FREE). Phil Worrall and Jim Sparks will plan the presentations for this special general session. We will have separate registration and name badges for these participants, and they could not take part in the rest of our GIS conference (unless they wanted to register and pay).

Lane Young has been working on the idea of IGIC working with GENI (Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana) to hold a GIS for Educators camp for BSU Education Majors and local teachers during the conference. The camp will be held in a separate meeting area from our conference, and we will have separate registration and name badges for these participants, and they could not take part in conference (unless they wanted to register and pay). For this inaugural year this camp will be provided at no-cost to the attendees.

The full committee has completed the proposed final budget for the 2011 conference and annual board meeting. This budget will be submitted to the IGIC Board for approval at the December 3rd Board Meeting.

We have received a quote for Purdue University to hold our 2012 Annual Conference at their on-campus facilities. The proposed costs are much higher than the Bloomington and Muncie venue and food costs, and are more comparable to Indianapolis venue costs. Therefore the committee does not recommend holding the 2012 conference at Purdue.

October 21, 2010

The Conference Committee met on September 22nd at the IGIC Office. We have received several abstracts for presentation and Committee members are currently soliciting presenters for hands-on workshops to be conducted at the Ball State computer labs. We discussed a possible new item for the conference – a kid’s camp to be worked in conjunction with BSU. We are looking at food costs for the conference in advance as well. The conference website has opened registration for vendor and attendees. Our hope is to have all the presentations and workshops scheduled and posted online in December so attendees can see what will be available at the conference.

August 19, 2010

The Conference Committee met July 21st at the IGIC office. We have decided to no longer have inserts or program folders and instead will be incorporating the sponsor advertisements directly into the program printing costs. We discussed raising conference fees by a minimal amount to cover some additional options we are looking into. We also had a long discussion about having the 2012 conference at Purdue University and are planning our next meeting there to do another tour and get more in depth with the options they can offer us. Our new contract with IGS has been signed. The call for abstracts is going out a little early this year in hopes of getting info on the website sooner for attendees to check out and get approval for in advance.

June 17, 2010

The Conference Committee met on May 26th at the IGIC office and welcomed new committee members Angie Gibson from Ball State University, Joan Keene from Marion County Health & Hospital Corporation and Kyle Johnson from Delaware County. We are looking forward to assigning them lots of jobs! We discussed individual job duties for the 2011 conference and divided up some of the more intense responsibilities. The call for abstracts will be going out at least 2 weeks earlier than in past years, in an attempt to get more abstracts in the door so we can decide and put them on the website with the schedule so attendees can see what they are registering for. We worked out the upcoming deadlines and discussed potential dates and location ideas for our 2012 conference.

April 15, 2010

The Conference Committee is taking a well-deserved hiatus.

Februry 22, 2010

The Conference Committee met on January 26th at Woolpert. The agreement for Muncie was distributed, discussed and it was agreed that we should sign a contract with them. Next year’s conference will be March 1 & 2, 2011. The Committee tied up all the loose ends for the 2010 conference and finalized everyone’s individual assignments to ensure the conference runs smoothly. The Excellence in GIS Award winners have been selected and the keynote speaker has been finalized. To date, we have 26 vendors, 1 silver sponsor, 4 gold sponsors and 290+/- attendees. After the conference is over, the Committee will be taking a much deserved hiatus for a few months! Please take a few moments at the conference to thank the committee members for all their hard work and offer suggestions for future years.

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