Dave Nail moves back to Missouri

Since 2007, Indiana has been fortunate to have Dave Nail living and working here in Indiana as our USGS Geospatial Liaison. The USGS Geospatial Liaisons perform numerous partnership related functions in support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, The National Map, Geospatial One Stop, and National Geospatial Program initiatives in state, local, and other federal agencies, cultivate and maintain long-term relationships, and develop partnerships and supporting agreements.

After 11 years in Indiana, Dave is moving back to Missouri where he will work in USGS’s Rolla Missouri office. At this point in time Dave will continue to be Indiana’s Geospatial Liaison, but his time will be split supporting four states, and we will not be seeing him nearly as often around the IGIC Campfires.

Phil Worrall, Dave Nail, Lorraine Wright, and Chris Morse at Dave’s going away lunch last Thursday in INDY.

Dave took this opportunity to reflect on his last 11 years of supporting Indiana’s GIS community, and I wanted to share three notable accomplishments with you here:

1) Indiana’s Local-Resolution National Hydrography Data project that started in late 2011 and finished in late 2016.  Dave was an integral member of IGIC’s Waters Workgroup that helped lead the planning, design, scoping, funding, management, quality control and maintenance of this important new statewide date set.

2) Dave collected and transferred state and local Digital Orthoimagery, DEMs and Lidar Point Cloud data from Indiana and Kentucky to the USGS database holdings amounting to somewhere around 8 terabytes.

3) Dave worked on [or was a part of] 33 different USGS agreements with State & Local Government, University, and Non-Profits [a.k.a. IGIC] over these 11 years representing just over $2.1 million dollars in GIS related funds distributed to Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois.  With a total of $1,305,556 going toward Indiana projects.  Here is the list for these Indiana projects:

2007 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $473K

  • 2007 FGDC/NSDI CAP Grant with NW Indiana University, Metadata Outreach, $25K
  • 2007 IGIC/USGS Coop, Addressing Data (FME) $288,000
  • 2007 FGDC/NSDI CAP Grant, 50 States Initiative, Return on Investment Study, $50K
  • 2007 USGS/NGA funds to IMAGIS/Indianapolis orthoimagery 6inch and 1ft, $85,000
  • 2007 USGS Coop funds to support IGIC NHD Stewardship discovery and training, $25,000

2008 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $123,200

  • 2008 FGDC/NSDI CAP Grant with Polis Center, Service Oriented Architecture $100K
  • 2008 USGS/NGA funds support Ft Wayne 6inch orthoimagery, $23,200

2009 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $191.5K

  • 2009 FGDC/NSDI Cap Grant with IGIC, Demonstrating the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative with 4 Key Framework Data Layers $75K
  • 2009 IGIC NHD Coop, Development of Local-Resolution NHD in the Great Lakes Initiative Area of Northern Indiana, $29K
  • 2009 IGIC, Indiana HAZUS Essential Facilities Structure Data, Total Project $125K, USGS share $62.5K
  • 2009 USGS Coop award to IGIC correct GNIS names on NHD streams, $25K

2010 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $129.5K

  • 2010 FGDC/NSDI Cap Grant with IGIC, Local-Resolution NHD Update Geo-Synchronization, $50K
  • 2010 Allen County Lidar/DEM data, invoice $15K
  • 2010 USGS Coop with Vanderburgh County/City of Evansville, Orthoimagery, $10K
  • 2010 IGIC, Local-Resolution NHD development for Iroquois Subbasin, $29.5
  • 2010 USGS Grant with Purdue University, P.I. Venkatesh Merwade, $25K

2011 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $161,646

  • 2011 USGS Coop Award to Indiana GIO/IOT, Orthoimagery acquisition for 31 counties in central IN, $100K
  • 2011 USGS Coop Award to Indiana GIO/IOT, for Central Indiana lidar and DEM 5 counties, $61,646

2012 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $100K

  • 2012 USGS Coop Award to IGIC, Geo-Synchronization of Geographic Names Information System Official
  • Names with Local-Resolution National Hydrography Data for the State of Indiana, $25K
  • 2012 USGS/NGA Coop Award to Indiana GIO/IOT for City of Fort Wayne and Allen County, IN Orthoimagery, $50K
  • 2012 FGDC/NSDI Cap Grant with Indiana IOT, IndianaMap Cadastral Cloud Implementation, $25K

2013 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $50,710

  • 2013 USGS Coop Award to Indiana GIO/IOT, Lidar data for Lake and LaPorte Counties, $10K
  • 2013 USGS Coop Award to Indiana GIO/IOT, Development of Local-Resolution NHD for 8 northern Indiana subbasins, $40,710

2014 total distribution of funds to Indiana = $76K

  • 2014 USGS Coop Award to Indiana GIO/IOT, Development of Local-Resolution for NHD for remaining Indiana subbasins, $76K

2014 – 2017

  • Supporting Indiana’s efforts in the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP)

From Dave’s perspective, in one of his last emails to me he stated, …“It’s been great working with everyone, you have been an encouragement to me and I’m blessed to have worked with such good people over the past decade.”

From my perspective, if you know anything about the history of GIS development in Indiana, then Dave’s project list above and overall contributions helps define the foundation for many of Indiana’s GIS accomplishments this last decade.

Thank you Dave, and best of luck!


  1. Thank you Dave! What an impressive list of accomplishments in Indiana. Well done and good luck with the move back to Rolla!

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