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February 21, 2013

The committee has generated its strategic plan for 2013 (

August 16, 2012

The Education Committee has focused on three initiatives since the last Board meeting. First, we continue to plan for the GIS Coordinators Forum scheduled to take place September 20th at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. The five IGIC regional points of contact will be asked to extend invitations to the counties in their region. Other Board members are also encouraged to invite anyone in a local, state or federal GIS coordinator role to this strategic meeting. Invitations will also be distributed to key interest groups such as the Association of Indiana Counties and the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns. The Forum will provide a venue through which to share updates on key GIS initiatives such as the Indiana Ortho and LiDAR program. It will also provide an opportunity to discuss issues of interest to each level of government as well as those that span all levels of government. Ultimately, it is intended to provide a venue through which to formulate ideas for furthering the growth and application of GIS in the state. These ideas will be used to guide IGIC initiatives over the coming year.

Our second initiative was the Indiana State Fair collaboration with the Boy and Girl Scout organizations. Fifteen IGIC volunteers staffed booths at the Fair on August 4 and August 11. We distributed dozens of postcards prepared with IndianaView grant funds. These postcards provided the URL for the IndianaMap as well as a variety of information related to IndianaMap and IGIC resources. We also provided demonstrations of Surveying technology – courtesy of Ryan Swingley of Seiler Instruments and Jason Coyle of the Indiana Public Land Surveyors Association – and we demonstrated compass and map reading skills to Scouts and others. In all we interacted with approximately 150 Fair patrons.

Finally, we continue to find success in our ongoing speaker series. On July 18 IGIC coordinated with the Central Hazus Users group to sponsor a webinar on the application of GIS for Floodplain Management offered by Alan Lulloff of the Association of State Floodplain Managers. This event was attended by over 60 people. On July 19 Jim Sparks, Indiana Geographic Information Officer, delivered a webinar on the Indiana Data Model that was attended by 15 people. Additional workshops, webinars, and other education offerings will be scheduled in the coming months.

June 21, 2012

This quarter, the Committee worked on the following initiatives:

  1. The committee is continuing to plan for the upcoming September GIS Government Forum. Invitations this year will be extended to federal, state and local government GIS coordinators.
  2. Work is also continuing with our partners at the Boy Scouts of America for the 2012 Indiana State Fair. Also this year, the Girl Scouts of America will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary at the State Fair. We are currently talking to IGIC member Suzie Delay at INDNR about how we can support their efforts as well.
  3. Becky Meyer (Indiana Geological Survey) and Phil Worrall demonstrated GIS resources to community planners on May 14th at the Ball State University Building Better Communities, Community Development course in downtown Indianapolis
  4. Kevin Mickey facilitated a workshop at our annual conference exploring the latest trends in geospatial technologies education. Kevin will provide a verbal report on this and other committee topics at the board meeting.


April 19, 2012

The Education Committee is continuing to facilitate regular seminars and webinars. We are also continuing to plan for the upcoming September GIS Forum. Invitations this year will be extended to federal, state and local government GIS coordinators. Work is also continuing with our partners at the Boy Scouts of America.

IGIC members will be offering multiple workshops at the Scout Legacy Camp at the Indiana State Fair. We will also have a display available at the Fair where Fair patrons can collect IGIC literature and we will be offering a kiosk where the IndianaMap can be explored. Although we will have materials on display throughout the entire fair, IGIC’s on-site staffing requirements at the 2012 Indiana State Fair is expected to be limited to just the weekends. We will also be supporting the Ball State Building Better Communities Community Development course by staffing a GIS learning station to demonstrate GIS resources to community planners and other participants. Phil Worrall & Becky Meyer (IGS) are scheduled to participate in this event. This activity will take place on Monday, May 14 in downtown Indianapolis.

During the IGIC Conference Kevin Mickey will be facilitating a workshop that will discuss the latest trends in geospatial technologies education. We will also solicit input from the audience about perceived challenges and opportunities. This information will be used to guide the direction of the Education Committee and other related IGIC activities going forward.


February 16, 2012

The Committee has identified a number of specific goals for the coming year, including:

  1. Seeking opportunities to partner with other GIS professional organizations whose mission includes an education component. The purpose of such collaborations would be to share educational resources that can benefit the audiences of IGIC as well as those of its partners.
  2. Offering a minimum of one educational event each month to include webinars, road shows, forums, and so forth.
  3. Expanding the participation in the annual GIS forum from county and city government only to also include state and federal government organizations.


December 8, 2011

Local Government Forum: The Education Committee completed a successful 2011 Local Government Forum on September 16. We had approximately 40 participants at this event representing cities, towns, and counties around the state. At our committee meetings in October and November we evaluated the lessons learned from this experience and elected to implement a number of important changes for the 2012 Forum which is scheduled to occur on September 20. Key among these changes is the expansion the government audience to include both state and Federal GIS representatives. In support of this change we will be renaming the event to the Government Geospatial Forum. We are also evaluating options, such as door prizes offered by vendors, which could be used to encourage early registration. Promotion for the 2012 event will begin in early March.

ISPLS Training: IGIC will be providing 1 full-day and 2 half-day workshops at the Indiana Society of Public Land Surveyors Annual conference in January 2012. These workshops will be approved by ISPLS for Continuing Education credits for their members. The three workshops are:

  1. Indiana GIS Orthophotography and LiDAR Program Workshop (full day)
  2. Indiana GIS Local Resolution Hydrography Workshop (half day)
  3. Indiana GIS Resources For Surveyors Workshop (half day) IGIC’s presentation teams for each workshop will be meeting both this and next month to prepare these sessions

In addition to our ISPLS Training Workshops discussed above, we have also scheduled and began to plan a total of four (4) road shows and three (3) webinars in support of the orthophotography/LiDAR project.

We are also planning five seminars and webinars that will address topics such as fundamentals of GIS, open source GIS, applications of geospatial technology to floodplain management, and USGS historical published maps.

Finally, the Education Committee is also exploring opportunities for collaboration with other GIS interest groups, such as URISA, that will enable us to build on the resources offered by those groups.


October 20, 2011

The Education Committee facilitated two webinars since the last IGIC Board of Directors meeting – “GIS and NIMS: Emergency Solutions for Communities” and “GIS for Constituent Engagement.” We had a total of 31 participants between these two events. In addition, the Education Committee held its annual Local Government GIS Forum on September 16th. There were a total of 36 participants at this event. The Committee is currently considering expanding the audience for the 2012 Forum from only local county, city and state government organizations to include all government organizations – local, state, regional, and federal. This would not only have the potential to expand the Forum attendance but it would also support the IGIC mission of facilitating communication and collaboration in the geospatial arena between these constituencies.

The Education Committee also concluded a successful 17 day event at the Indiana State Fair. During the month of August IGIC setup and staffed a booth at the Boy Scout Legacy Camp. We talked with approximately 2,000 Fair patrons about the role and services provided by IGIC to the citizens of Indiana. On weekends we also conducted workshops on geocaching, orienteering, geology, and surveying that were attended by approximately 30 Boy Scouts from around the State. These Scouts earned credit toward merit badges as a result of their participation. We also distributed almost 500 orienteering maps to Fair patrons. These maps helped Scouts and other Fair patrons develop an appreciation of the history and key landmarks found throughout the Fairground property. This event was considered a success by IGIC as well as the Boy Scouts. We are currently in the process of exploring ways to build upon this success in 2012.

ISPLS Training – IGIC will be providing 4 half-day workshops at the Indiana Society of Public Land Surveyors Annual conference in January 2012. These workshops will be approved by ISPLS for Continuing Education credits for their members. The four workshops are:

  • GIS for Surveyors
  • Basic Orthophotography & LiDAR Applications
  • Advanced Orthophotography & LiDAR Applications
  • Using Indiana’s Local-Resolution National Hydrography Data


April 28, 2011

The Education Committee is currently planning to hold six webinars and workshops as part of our ongoing speaker series. These events continue to serve an important role by providing relevant guidance to GIS users and beneficiaries across Indiana. In addition, we are actively engaged in planning our annual Local Government Forum which is scheduled for September 16th of this year. We have distributed “save the date” announcements and will be following up with personal contacts as appropriate. IGIC Board members are encouraged to help promote this important event that plays a significant role by informing the strategic mission objectives of IGIC each year.

The Committee has also initiated discussions with the Boy Scouts of America concerning opportunities to grow the partnership that we began last year while hosting an IGIC exhibit in the Scout area of the Indiana State Fair. This exhibit offered IGIC the chance to reach hundreds of current and new IGIC beneficiaries including local and state decision makers. This partnership is anticipated to produce equally valuable benefits in 2011.

February 28, 2011

In 2011 the Committees anticipates building on 2010’s success by offering an average of one education event each month, emphasizing the use of webcasts and continuing to pursue the use of podcasts. In addition, selected webinars will be recorded so that they can be made available on demand via the IGIC website. Finally, the Committee will continue the tradition of offering the Local Government GIS Forum with the 5th Annual Forum already scheduled to occur on September 16, 2011.

December 6, 2010

The Education held its annual planning meeting on November 12th. We planned 11 seminar events to be held in 2011, pending acceptance of speakers. Examples of topics range from the 2010 census to LIDAR to GIS and Social Networks, to introductory GIS workshops held for the purpose of reaching out to new audiences. While some of our education activities will be held in person such as our road show events, we will be focusing on web delivery for the majority of our education events in 2011 due to the success of using that format in 2010. In addition to the seminar series we plan to collaborate with the Boy Scouts of America again in 2011 by hosting a booth at the Scout camp during the Indiana State Fair. Finally, we will be holding our annual local government forum on September 16, 2011.

October 21, 2010

During this period the Education Committee met on August 27 and September 17, 2010. The Committee also sponsored three education/outreach events during this period:

September 9: A hand-on workshop entitled “Using GPS for GIS Data Maintenance” was presented by IGIC Corporate Member Seiler Instruments.

September 24: The Committee held our annual “Local Government GIS Coordinators Forum.” The event brought together more than 40 GIS professionals from around Indiana to this annual full-day event. Thanks to IGIC Board Member Fiona Becker for hosting the Forum at The Nature Conservancy, Efroymson Conservation Center.

October 20: This week IGIC Board Member Christina McCullough is presenting a webinar on using Esri’s Adobe Flex API for ArcGIS Server. Her presentation is entitled: “Leveraging a Common Operating Picture: Adobe Flex 101.” She will demonstrate how to use freely available tools to develop a custom web mapping application. The application she will demonstrate is being designed to support IGIC’s GIS Response Corp activities.

Upcoming Seminars: The Sneak Peak of the NEW IndianaMap viewer. This presentation by IGIC Board member Rick Hill and his IGS staff is now scheduled for November 9th as part of the ‘GIS Day at the Statehouse’ event.

August 19, 2010

The Committee is continuing to plan for the September Local Government Forum in Indianapolis. An agenda for this event has been finalized and announced along with an invitation to local government GIS coordinators across the state. The key agenda topics include the 2010-11 Indiana Orthophotography Project, Legislation to fund the IndianaMap, Indiana updates to the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), INDOT CORS, and Lightning Round updates on local government GIS projects. The Committee has also continued planning for a number of webinars and seminars scheduled for the coming months.

June 17, 2010

The Education Committee has scheduled or is in the process of scheduling 8 seminars, webinars, and workshops between now and the end of the year. Specific topics and dates are posted on the IGIC website. In addition we are hosting our first virtual local government GIS coordinator town hall on June 23, 2010. This event will involve 30 minutes of updates from IGIC and the GIO’s office on various initiatives underway in Indiana. That will be followed by 30 minutes of open question and answer time. We are also in the process of planning for the 2010 offering of the successful full-day annual Local Government Forum. This will be held on September 24 in Indianapolis. The format for the Forum is anticipated to be similar to that of previous years. However, we anticipate providing extended time for discussion of the orthophotography work in the State including opportunities for buy-ups. This discussion will supplement the meetings being conducted around the state in support of that work. Finally, our next IGIC Dinner meeting will be on November 10th at Notre Dame. Our speakers will include representatives from Notre Dame as well as the President of the Lincoln Highway Association of Indiana.

April 15, 2010

The Education Committee has the following seminars and webinars scheduled for the Spring-Summer Seminar Series:
Census 2010 and GIS: Where, When and What Can We Expect
GIS and Stormwater Management
Sneak Peak! Indiana Updates to the National Hydrography Dataset
GPS Data Collection for GIS

February 22, 2010

2009 was a productive year for the Education Committee. We organized and sponsored a total of 4 seminars held at the Indiana State Library. We also conducted 2 webinars. These events were attended by a total of 104 participants. In addition to these events we conducted our third Local Government GIS Coordinators Forum which was attended by representatives from 65 cities, towns, and counties across Indiana. This event has achieved its primary goal of providing a venue where representatives of local government can come together to discuss current and pertinent issues of interest to the GIS community in our state. It has also become a vital event for helping IGIC define its strategic objectives each year. This year we also began a new tradition, the IGIC Dinner meetings. At these events a special speaker presents on a topic of interest to an audience who is also served a delicious meal as part of the benefits of paying a modest participation fee. At our first dinner, Larry Biehl, Systems Manager, Purdue Terrestrial Observatory, presented to an audience of 35 individuals. Participant feedback was universally positive and as a result we plan to continue offer additional dinner meetings in 2010.

In 2010 we anticipate building on our 2009 success by offering an average of one education event each month. We also plan to explore the possibility of expanding our educational offerings by looking into producing podcasts. Finally, we will continue the tradition of offering our Local Government GIS Coordinator Forum with the 4th Annual Forum already scheduled to occur on September 24, 2010.

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