Government Geospatial Coordinator Forum

What is it?

The Annual Government Geospatial Coordinator Forum (formerly the Local Government GIS Coordinator Forum). This is a free annual event hosted by IGIC. The goal is to provide a day-long networking opportunity for GIS coordinators and others responsible for government geospatial data and GIS. While there are informational presentations on topics of statewide interest, the primary focus of the day is on open discussion, roundtables and Q&A time with officials.

Who Should Attend?

The Forum is open to geospatial professionals at all levels of government. Only those who work for government are invited to attend. This offers participants the chance to focus on topics specific to government. Exceptions will be made for individuals who may work for an outside company or organization, but act as the primary coordinator for a government entity. If you have any questions about this policy, or are unsure about whether you would qualify, please contact Jennifer Dubeansky at

What Can I Expect?

The morning session will include a brief presentation designed to update participants on current statewide projects and initiatives. After a complimentary lunch, participants will break off into moderated roundtable groups, one for each level of government in attendance. Everyone will come together afterward for a general open discussion. Topics will be based on concerns raised in the roundtables as well as items suggested by participants both before and during the Forum.

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