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Contributed By: Larry Biehl 
IndianaView Coordinator
Purdue University, Young Hall 942
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West Lafayette, IN 47907-2108
Tel: (765) 494-3529

Google Earth Engine (GEE) is a cloud based image analysis program. GEE allows the use of Google’s massive storage and computational power to perform imagery analysis and visualization on a planetary scale. GEE has already imported and processed all public available satellite imagery, thus saving time on data acquisition for imagery analysis.

*Google Earth Engine is free for research, education, and nonprofit use. For commercial applications, Google offers paid commercial licenses for appropriate use cases.  For more information visit –

Google Earth Engine Tutorials:  The following is a link to some FREE Google Earth Engine Tutorials that Prof. J. B. Sharma of the University of North Georgia (GeorgiaView) has shared with all in AmericaView:

Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. I – Data Acquisition:  This tutorial will teach the basics of acquiring data stored on Google’s servers for use in Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. II – Clipping:  This tutorial will teach how to clip a raster image to the extent of a vector polygon. The imagery supplied by Google covers the entire planet so the imagery needs to be clipped in order to speed up processing times as well to display only the imagery wanted.

Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. III – Visualization:  This tutorial will teach how to use the knowledge of how to visualize images that was taught in previous tutorials and embed the visualization parameters inside of the GEE script so that the imagery will appear with the same visualization every time it runs.

Google Earth Engine Tutorial Pt. IV – Pixel Selection:  This will teach how to select pixels from rasters with conditional statements and boolean operators. Along with this, will select from multiple bands and images to create a single selection. Finally, you will create a new image and transfer selected pixels to the new image.

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