GIO Announces New 2016 – 2018 Statewide Orthophotography Program


JUNE 1, 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana: Jim Sparks, State of Indiana Geographic Information Officer announced today that funding has been secured for the first year of a three year update cycle of Indiana’s statewide orthophotography.  The update project will operate as follows:

  • The base product is 12-inch resolution, 4-band, leaf-off orthoimagery.  This base product will be delivered at no cost to each Indiana County that agrees to a new 3-year “IndianaMap Data Sharing Agreement” with the Indiana Geographic Information Office.  The dollar value of the orthophotography based on the terms of the state’s current contract is a little more than $18,000.  In addition, the product delivery includes a quality review by INDOT photogrammetrists at no additional cost to the county.  (The exact product costs for 2016 and beyond will not be known until a vendor is selected and negotiations are completed.  Although the funding in hand is for year one of three only, we are optimistic that funding will also become available for the second and third years of the project.)
  • Indiana cities and counties will have the opportunity to add dollars to the state’s base funds to buy up to a higher resolution product.
  • The central column of Indiana counties will be included in the spring 2016 acquisition.
  • Counties not in the central column will be able to use the contract to purchase orthoimagery in 2016 but state funding will not be available to those “out of cycle” counties.
  • All products resulting from the project will be considered to be in the “public domain”.
  • The Indiana Geographic Information Office will manage the contract.
  • The photogrammetry group of the Indiana Department of Transportation will provide the quality review.
  • The IGIC’s Orthophotography workgroup will assist with the preparation of a new RFP.
  • The RFP will include a “menu” of products and services beyond orthophotography.
  • The contract will be available as a purchasing vehicle to Indiana cities and counties.

As mentioned, we are optimistic that funding will be available for the second and third years of the update.  Pending that funding, the eastern column of counties will be acquired in the spring of 2017 and the western column will be acquired in the spring of 2018.

JULY 7, 2015:  Jim Sparks, State of Indiana Geographic Information Officer.  Webinar Presentation on this new new program:

View Slides Here:  Ortho Webinar 7-7-2015

View Presentation Here:



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