Google Earth Pro and ArcGIS Revolution – 6-part online workshop series

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Take your GIS skills to the next level by learning about the recent revelations between Google Earth PRO and ArcGIS.   Google Earth Pro is now free and its recent advances with ArcGIS make this combination a must have tool for every skill level.

The Google Earth PRO and ArcGIS Revolution

6-part online workshop series

Begins March 2, 2016

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ThRon Hall BIO PICis online workshop will be taught by Ron Hall.  He is a member of Google Earth’s Outreach Trainers forum, a Google certified “Featured Content Provider” for Google Earth, a Street View Trusted Photographer, and was designated a “Super Modeler” by Google for his 3D visualization work with SketchUp software. Ron is certified Google applications developer. In his “spare” time, he is an online instructor in Eastern Washington University’s GIS certificate program.

Prepare to discover how Google Earth Pro is revolutionizing the environmental and engineering industry.   And learn how to use new cloud technologies to connect with your GIS data and appreciably change how you work, forever.


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