IGIC Awards

IGIC strives to recognize geospatial professionals and organizations who, through their dedication and hard work, have helped improve the quality of life for all Hoosiers.

Each year, in conjunction with IGIC’s Annual Indiana GIS Conference, we honor outstanding projects and people through the following awards:

1. Excellence in GIS Awards: http://www.igic.org/great-gis/awards/excellence-gis-award/

2. Special Achievement in GIS Awards: http://www.igic.org/great-gis/awards/special-achievement-in-gis/

3. Senator David C. Ford Lifetime Achievement Awards: http://www.igic.org/great-gis/awards/david-c-ford-award/

4. College Student Poster Competition: http://www.igic.org/great-gis/awards/poster-competitions/