Poster Competition – K-12

IndianaMap Poster Competition

K-12 Students

This contest is a great way to introduce kids and young adults to geography, maps, and geographic information systems (GIS).

Posters of maps of all kinds can enter, but the maps must be made by the students (either by hand or computer generated). Prizes will be awarded to the top map posters that demonstrate the map’s elements (e.g. title, map scale, north arrow, legend), artistic creativity, critical thinking, and neatness. All current Indiana K-12 students are eligible to compete.

Posters should answer a grade-appropriate question using maps. For example:

  • What is a good place to hike with my family?
  • Where do more senior citizens live?
  • What is the safest place to live in Indiana?
  • Where have tornados done the most damage in the last 10 years?

The dimensions of the poster should be no larger than 4 x 5 feet. It should contain a title, student’s name, grade, and school. It may also include an explanation of the question, how it was answered, and a conclusion (this is particularly appropriate for older students).


For information on free GIS software and data available online, visit the IndianaMap website. The GENI website (Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana) has resources for teachers and students interested in geospatial technologies.

Submitting Your Poster

Posters are submitted to the IGIC Offices before the Indiana GIS Conference each year. Check the conference pages for details.