IGIC 2014 Membership Map

This is a map of our 2014 Membership created by IGIC Board Member Kyle Johnson, GIS Coordinator, Delaware County GIS Department.  We plan to publish a 2015 membership map sometime in May.

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OR, you can view using this ArcGIS Online map: http://arcg.is/1FRCcU5 to view this density map layer from the Contents Tab.



  1. What an interesting map! It would be nice to see more dots in the southern part of the state. Has anyone at IGIC thought about getting user groups or workshops together that might get more southern Indiana folks involved?

    • Yes – we are actively working to hold regional GIS meetings in each sector of the State in 2015. Our current IGIC President, John Howe is actively working to set up a Southwest Indiana meeting [and group] as a pilot.

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