IGIC 2015 Survey Summary of Indiana Code 36-1-8.5

Contributed By:  Shaun Scholer
IGIC Data Sharing Committee Chair

According to a newly amended Indiana law that was enacted this summer: IC 36-1-8.5-7  A [local government] unit that operates a public property data base web site, directly or through a third party, shall establish a process to prevent a member of the general public from gaining access to the home address of a covered person by means of the public property data base web site.  A covered person include:  judge, law enforcement officer, victim of domestic violence and elected officials.

This law as ammended requires removal of this information upon request.  As a result, this law not only has a direct effect on many local government GIS web sites where detailed parcel layers and property data records, but other local government sites that make this information available to the public.


This IGIC survey regarding the implementation of Indiana Code 36-1-8.5 was designed to help us understand and share how local governments across Indiana are working to accommodate the need to remove owner name information for a covered person from websites that are publicly accessible.  This summary document can be viewed and downloaded here – IGIC 2015 Survey Summary of Indiana Code 36-1-8.5

Also available are:

A copy of all survey questions – IGIC 2015 Survey All Results of Indiana Code 36-1-8.5

Copies of some City and County ordinance and request for redaction forms provided with survey responses can be viewed and downloaded – HERE 

If you need more information, here is a contact list for individuals who provided copies of their ordinance and redaction forms above – Contacts for Supporting Documents

A copy of the 2015 House Enrolled Act HB1371 that was passed – HB1371 05 ENRH

A copy of the 2015 updated Indiana Code 36-1-8.5 – IC36-1-8.5 Update 2015

The Indiana Geographic Information Council would like to thank all those who participated in this survey to aid IGIC in its interest to learn more about the issues affecting the geospatial community within Indiana. Your responses were very valuable to us as we work to better serve the needs of our members.

If you have any questions regarding this survey please contact Shaun Scholer at the email address listed above.


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