Geospatial Preparedness

Mission Statement

To create and advance the statewide network of GIS professionals dedicated to enhancing and sharing geospatial applications, technologies and knowledge among the GIS community and in preparation for recovery from a public saftey need, emergency, or disaster.


  • Encourage information and knowledge sharing among the GIS community.
  • Provide learning opportunities to enhance community planning capabilities.
  • Advance data sharing for assistance in broad spectrum public saftey needs.


  • Share information on advancements in GIS applications across public saftey, for new and existing programs.
  • Support geospatial collaborations and data sharing within and between stakeholder groups.
  • Facilitate best practice training opportunities for GIS professionals to support public saftey/preparedness.
  • Develop a shareable contact list for GIS professionals across Indiana, representing State, County and Local jurisdictions.