Data Sharing Committee



Support the development and implementation of the adopted Statewide Data Integration Plan, as well as provide support for the IndianaMap County Data Sharing Initiative with local government.

  • Provide a blueprint to guide the community of stakeholders on how to build and maintain the IndianaMap through IGIC’s Statewide Data Integration Plan.
  • Provide ongoing planning, design and deployment support for our County Data Sharing Initiative.
  • Address policy issues and partnership agreements regarding data access and distribution.
  • Support the development and evolution of new data standards, models and methods to support data sharing and stewardship efforts across Indiana.
  • Address geospatial data security and data exchange issues.



  • Make formal recommendation to the State Geographic Information Officer (GIO) to build and maintain IndianaMap framework data layers though development of IGIC’s 2015 Statewide Data Integration Plan.
  • Continue to work with Indiana’s GIO and Indiana Counties to advance and improve the results and applications of the ongoing County Data Sharing Initiative.
  • Continue to work with the Cadastre-Boundaries-PLSS Workgroup and the Street Centerline and Addresses Workgroup to support the County Data Sharing Initiative.
  • Help promote the availability, quality, currency and use of Indiana’s Authoritative data layers by the wider community of geospatial data distribution.
  • Help advance the Local -> State -> Federal data sharing roll-up and data stewardship model.
  • Help improve the discovery of Indiana’s local and state geospatial data through IndianaMap Metadata initiatives and National portals like NSGIC’s GIS Inventory (Ramona),, and the Federal Geospatial Platform.



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Data Exchange Agreement – draft


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