IndianaMap Cadastre | Boundaries | PLSS Workgroup


To develop plans, standards, and technical implementation guidance for the IndianaMap framework data layers.


  • Develop data standards and identify appropriate standards-based data schema.
  • Develop plans that include the following: Refine and maintain plans as necessary.
    • Inventory of existing data
    • Stakeholder data requirements
    • Data stewards
    • Costs
    • Work flow
    • Data transfer mechanisms (with support of Data Integration Workgroup)
    • Update frequency
    • Maintenance frequency
  • Refine and maintain plans as necessary.
  • Develop metrics and review status of framework data implementation as input to the biennial report published by the State Geographic Information Officer.

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Historic Workgroup Meeting Minutes

February 2010
Archived Minutes

Tie Card Project

In a multi-jurisdictional effort, surveyor’s tie cards are being scanned and accessed electronically by surveyors around the state. Learn more about the project.

Watch the Tie Card Project Video, an overview and step-by-step of the process (approximately 2 hours).

Indiana Boundaries Book

The Workgroup and other organizations collaborated to make a digital version of the Indiana Boundaries Book available online for free – Download book.


A State-wide View of Section Corner Data – November 2010
IGIC Boundaries, Cadastre & PLSS Workgroup Update – February 2010
Consolidated Chronology of State and County Boundaries (pdf)
Individual County Chronologies (pdf)


Draft 4/1/10 – IGIC Data Integration Plan for Cadastral, Boundary, PLSS Data


Boundary Legislation

Indiana-Michigan Boundary Line Commission Senate Enrolled Act No. 530
“Michigan and Indiana State Line Monumentation Act” – to establish the Indiana-Michigan Boundary Line Commission S.B. 374
Remonumentation of the Michigan-Indiana State Line – Senate Bills 374 (S-2) and 375 (S-3)
Indiana State Land Office – County Boundary – Indiana Code for the State Land Office State Land Office is responsible for the Official County Boundaries and information relating to County Boundaries should be filed in their office.
State owned land discrepancy -IC 4-20.5-7-4
Annexation in Indiana: Issues and Options – November 1998 : Includes Appendix 1: Indiana Annexation Statute (As Amended Through 1998 Regular Session)

State Boundary

Description by Justia US Laws

State Land Office

The State Land Office – serves as the repository for deeds and plats of land previously or currently owned by the State, with the exception of state highways and right-of-ways, which are housed in the Indiana Department of Transportation, and State universities, which are kept at each university (IC 4-20.5-2-4).

Current County Boundary – By County

Marion County Boundary Description

State Property

Indiana Department of Administration – State Land Office

Historical Information – Indiana County Boundaries

Indiana Boundaries Book – Historical County Boundaries Book
Indiana Counties Census Maps by year – 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1930
Indiana Discontinued Counties and Indiana Burned Courthouses
Records of the General Land Office, 1800-1908 – Land Offices in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin
List of Selected Maps of States and Territories – Special List No. 29
Indiana Atlas of Historical County Boundaries – Indiana Bibliography and Sources
The Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries (Statewide – Historical County Boundaries) – Newberry Historical County Boundaries Information. The Historical Atlas shapefiles can be accessed and the database behind the shapefiles provides the following fields: County, survey start date, survey end date, definition or change to county boundary, citation (Ind. Act, Ind. Terr. or other reference) of the definition or change.
David Rumsey Historical Map – Links to the Indiana-Michigan Boundary survey maps with original notes
State of Indiana – containing Revised Statutes of 1852, James Gavin and Oscar B. Hord


National Cadastral Standards – FDGC Standards for Framework Data
Jurisdictional Boundaries Standards – Geographic Information Framework Data Standard, Part 5: Governmental unit and other geographic area boundaries

Environmental Restrictive Covenants in Indiana

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Surveyors Information

Association of County Surveyors
Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors
Restoration of Lost or Obliterated Corners & Subdivision of Sections: A Guide for Gurveys – US Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, 1974 edition

Indiana-Kentucky Boundary Resources