IndianaMap Geodetic Control Workgroup



This joint ISPLS & IGIC Committee works on topics of importance to both organizations.  Current initiatives includes statewide:

  • Geodetic control Height Modernization to improve vertical results from GPS surveys in Indiana.
  • Development of Geospatial Coordinate Reference Systems across Indiana to support seamless and error-free grid-to-ground (survey to GIS) data transformations.


HTMOD:  The workgroup has been working closely with the consultants (USI/BFS) and INDOT regarding the State Height Modernization project activities.  A pilot project covering the southwestern district of the state in INDOT’s Vincennes District is under developed.  Reconnaissance of existing and available geodetic control monuments in several other district has also begun.

InGCS:  The workgroup has also been working to support the implementation of the new Indiana Geospatial Coordinate Reference System, based on a JTRP study of the feasibility of such a system. An RFP was advertised through INDOT for a qualified consultant to complete activities related to the development of low distortion projection (LDP) system definitions and supporting documentation (user guide, INDOT Design Manual revisions, and training materials/workshops).  Members of the workgroup serve on the project Technical Development Team to establish direction and decisions related to system development and implementation.  Work on this project is nearing completion.


For documents and information on the Height Modernization Project, click here.

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