IndianaMap Orthophotography Workgroup



To develop plans, standards, and technical implementation guidance for the IndianaMap framework data layers.

  • Develop data standards and identify appropriate standards-based data schema.
  • Develop plans that include the following:
    • Inventory of existing data
    • Stakeholder data requirements
    • Data stewards
    • Costs
    • Work flow
    • Data transfer mechanisms (with support of Data Integration Workgroup)
    • Update frequency
    • Maintenance frequency
  • Refine and maintain plans as necessary.
  • Develop metrics and review status of framework data implementation as input to IGIC’s biennial Data Integration Plan delivered to the State Geographic Information Officer.


Activities are reported at IGIC board meetings and posted to the news Blog below. If you’d like more information about a specific project or initiative in the interim, feel free to contact the workgroup chair or the IGIC Offices.

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