IndianaMap Streets and Address Workgroup



This workgroup is responsible for developing plans, standards, and technical implementation guidance for the streets and addresses IndianaMap framework data layers.

• Develop data standards and identify appropriate standards-based data schema.

• Develop plans that include the following:

o Inventory of existing data
o Stakeholder data requirements
o Data stewards
o Costs
o Work flow
o Data transfer mechanisms (with support of Data Integration Workgroup)
o Update frequency
o Maintenance frequency

• Refine and maintain plans as necessary.

• Develop metrics and review status of framework data implementation as input to IGIC’s biennial Data Integration Plan delivered to the State Geographic Information Officer.



This workgroup [in partnership with the Data Sharing Committee, Cadastre-Boundaries-PLSS, and IndianaMap Steering Committee] has adopted the open Esri Local Government data model for our street centerline and point address layers. The Esri model was selected for its compatibility with current FGDC, NENA, USPS, and Census standards, and expected future enhancements to support emerging like Map-21 and NG9-1-1.

The Workgroup will continue to…

• Provide support for the IndianaMap Data Sharing Initiative and the development of quality control reporting methods on the harvested county data.
• Gather best practices from other entities and develop a requirements document for uses of the point addresses and street centerlines.
• Develop priorities for quality improvement of both the address points and street centerlines, so that over the next 18 months we develop authoritative statewide point address and road centerline GIS layers to provide statewide geocoding and routing web services built upon the best-available local data.
• Investigate the requirements to be prepared to support national initiatives including Transportation for the Nation, Next Generation E911, UP Postal Service and 2020 US Census requirements.

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