IGIC Launches Our First GoFundMe Campaign

January 17, 2017, Indianapolis, IN:  The Indiana Geographic Information Council (www.igic.org) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is pleased to announce in conjunction with the 2017 Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyor’s (ISPLS) Convention we are launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a Marion County Pilot Project to provide “IndianaMap Access to County Surveyor Data and Historic Land Records”.

IGIC is asking for donations to help make Indiana’s current and historic surveying data available to the public (at no cost) in an easy accessible digital format from our IndianaMap web site.  IndianaMap (www.indianamap.org) hosts statewide a Geographic Information System (GIS) data and an interactive mapping website (map viewer).  We plan to make all these data/documents available on IndianaMap in the following layers:

  1. County Geospatial Information Resource Layer (Government websites and contacts plus links to various government resources)
  2. Grid Point Layer (Computer generated Grid Points showing the approximate location of Public Land Survey System (PLSS) points used to geo-reference scanned documents
  3. Tie Card Layer (Grid points linked to scanned County Surveyor Tie Cards)
  4. General Land Office (GLO) Field Notes and Plats Layer (Original, Federal, State, and County records)
  5. GLO Land Patents Layer (Links to GLO Patents documents by which land was sold to private individuals)
  6. Timeline Layer (Traces Indiana history of land records: PLSS, GLO, GLO Districts, Treaties, and Congressional Acts)
  7. GIS County Boundary Layer (Created from County Surveyor’s Office data to provide best available GIS layer to support creation of seamless statewide GIS layers)

Funds first raised will go toward developing Marion County data as a Pilot project.  Once Marion County is complete and posted on IndianaMap, all subsequent funds received will be allotted to complete this work for the entire state of Indiana.

Why is this project so important?

The information is useful to a wide variety of people and professions but it is not always easy to find nor easily accessible.  Currently, the documents can be gathered (with some difficulty) from multiple sources, in various locations, in various formats.  Our goal is to provide a statewide public resource where all these documents are digital and easily accessible from a single source (IndianaMap) by simply pointing to a location on the map.

Through this effort, we will also be developing a location information and technology resource for learning how Indiana was originally subdivided for purchase and settlement.  History, culture and science will be integrated to facilitate the understanding of how our past relates to the present. This resource will give the public, businesses and educators easy access to information that can be used for a variety of individual, collaborative and economic interests – all for free!

There is currently no funding mechanism in government or in the private sector to do this work.  With your support and donations, IGIC hopes to fund this important work using Social Media through a GoFundMe Certified Charity campaign.

Please donate today!  To make your tax deductible donation please visit our GoFundMe site by clicking on this image below:

For more information: Email gfm@igic.org.


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