About IGIC

What is IGIC?

The Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to lead the effective application of geographic information in Indiana. Our membership includes individuals from all levels of government, private industry, educational institutions and other nonprofit groups. Through our membership and elected board of directors, we strive to make a real difference in Indiana GIS – both for those who use it and those who benefit from it.

It is our vision to provide a modern, accurate, documented, and accessible geospatial information infrastructure for all of Indiana.

History of IGIC

In December 1997, the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts called a meeting of various county, state, and federal agencies, as well as private companies known to have active GIS programs or interests. The goal of this meeting was to determine how funding could be generated to produce statewide digital orthophotography. The group that had assembled decided to continue meeting with a goal of implementing statewide GIS coordination. This effort became known as the Indiana Geographical Information Systems Initiative (INGISI).

In 1998, thirty-nine government, academic and industry representatives signed the Indiana GIS Initiative Commitment to Success, formally endorsing the broad principles of INGISI. Initial funding was provided by grants from the Federal Geographic Data Committee and the Indiana Land Resources Council.

In the early 2000’s support swelled, and the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) was

formed to administer activities and provide a formal structure. IGIC is served by an elected Board of Directors, a representative council of over a dozen sectors utilizing GIS. IGIC was recognized by Governor’s Proclamation as the official statewide GIS coordinating body in 2000, and adapted to the responsibility by formally incorporating as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

In 2004-6, the organization saw a number of monumental changes, including contracting an Executive Director and hiring IGIC’s first full-time staff member. The Indiana GIS Initiative was dissolved, and membership in IGIC was formalized. Today there are over 300 individual, corporate, and institutional members.

IGIC’s success has been enhanced by the willingness of many of its members to donate staff time and resources to further the goals of the initiative. It is our mission to lead the effective application of GIS in Indiana for an improved quality of life.

Indiana’s Geospatial Technologies Policy Timeline

This timeline was originally created by the “Geographers Education Network of Indiana” (GENI) and published here as an interactive tool by IGIC. Move internal vertical slider bar to center the timeline on the historic event, or slide it all the way to the bottom to view and navigate the timeline.  This is a living and growing interactive tool, so please feel free to submit any contributions [additions or edits to the timeline] to info@igic.org.