2011 – 2013 Statewide Local-Resolution NHD Project


What is NHD?


The Indiana Geographic Information Council’s (IGIC) Waters Workgroup has designed a program to improve the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Hydrography Data (NHD) for the waters of Indiana. As a result, The State of Indiana, Geographic Information Office issued a Request for Proposal in 2010, and in 2011 Awarded and signed a contract with AECOM to build a new Local-Resolution NHD dataset for the State of Indiana. This new hydrography data for Indiana will include: corrected NHD stream and lake names, improved positional accuracy (1:1,200 or 1:2,400 scale hydrography features aligned to Orthophotography 2011-2013 where available, but no later than 2005), consistent hydrographic densities (based on 6-acre drainage catchments) and updated related hydro features.

NHD Training


ISPLS 2013 Workshop

Agenda: IGIC – Indiana GIS Local Resolution NHD Applications for Surveyors
Parts 1 & 2: Introduction to Indiana’s Existing Statewide Hydrography Data – Contents & Status
Part 3: Accessing NHD Data
Parts 4a. & 4b. Software Demonstration using Local-Resolution NHD (BLM ArcGIS HEM Tool & Esri ArcHydro Tool Demonstration)
Part 4c. Software Demonstration using Local-Resolution NHD (Esri ArcGIS Utility Network Analyst Demonstration)
Part 5. Uses of NHD Data
Part 6. Future Applications of NHD Data
Part 7. NHD Stewardship and Next Steps


NHD Reference Documents

AECOM Digitizing Procedures
AECOM Issue Paper 1: Canal Ditch Determinination
AECOM Issue Paper 2: Karst Mapping Procesures