IndianaMap For Economic Development

Digital Maps can be a powerful tool for economic development, presenting complex information in an easily understandable and compelling format.

The IndianaMap package, developed by IGIC, allows individuals to create relevant, specialized maps for specific projects. It also helps counties and regional groups work together better by providing a single frame of reference.

The IndianaMap package is a set of disks that contain:

  • aerial photography for one county
  • demographics and statistics on 70 statewide maps
  • simple software to view and create custom maps

Where can I get it?

You can check one out at your local library to load free on your computer. All the information is public domain, and the viewing software is free, which means the packages can be copied, saved, customized and shared.

What can I do with it?

Make your own maps: add text, draw and measure areas, analyze regions, even add or create your own data. Your maps can be printed, saved, emailed or used in presentations.

How do I use it?

Have questions about the package? Download the User Guide or Software Instructions.

Need More?

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