IndianaMap Framework Data Plans


Framework data are the basics – the information that is crucial to the most people. IGIC members, partners, and stakeholders have worked together to identify and define framework data catagories and layers. Those definitions were included in the IndianaMap legislation passed in 2007.

This legislation also required IGIC to present recommendations on a statewide data integration plan to the Indiana State Geographic Information Officer (GIO). To accomplish this, IGIC has formed a series of workgroups to develop plans for each of the framework data layers. These plans show how each data layer can be integrated into a single, statewide map – the IndianaMap. Combined, the plans will become the statewide data integration plan that is recommended to the GIO.

Framework data workgroups under the IndianaMap Committee include:

Geodetic Control
Public Land Survey System

Excerpt from IndianaMap legislation signed into law May 9, 2007

Sec. 14. The state GIS officer shall do the following:

  1. Function as the chief officer for GIS matters for state agencies.
  2. Review and either veto or adopt both the:
    1. (A) state’s GIS data standards; and
    2. (B) statewide data integration plan; as recommended by the IGIC. If either of the recommendations is vetoed, the state GIS officer shall return the recommendation to the IGIC with a message announcing the veto and stating the reasons for the veto. If the IGIC ceases to exist or refuses to make the recommendations listed in this subsection, the state GIS officer may develop and adopt state GIS data standards and a statewide data integration plan. The standards and the plan adopted under this subsection must promote interoperability and open use of data with various GIS software, applications, computer hardware, and computer operating systems.