IndianaMap In a Library Near You!


100 Indiana libraries received digital map collections and high-tech aerial photography – called orthophotography – of their counties.

The 3-4 disk IndianaMap Packages include orthophotography for one county, plus a wealth of demographic and statistical information, everything from economic indicators and transportation routes to earthquake epicenters and historical structures. See the full list of bonus data.

The packages also include simple software to view and create custom maps. Data on the DVDs can be saved on anyone’s computer, or copied and shared on disk.

Have questions about the package? Download the User Guide or view AccuGlobe instructions.

Not sure if your library received the package? Check the list of recipients. The State Library also has a full set.

Not on the list? Libraries are eligible to purchase packages for $30 per county set. Contact us 317.489.0091 to place an order.

IGIC partnered with the State Library to create and distribute the IndianaMap Packages. The project was made possible by the support of an Excelerator Grant from the AT&T Foundation.