Where Can I Get It?



Statewide Orthophotography (Indiana University)
USGS Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangles (DOQQs) (Purdue University)

Online Interactive Maps and Web Map Services (WMS)

IndianaMap interactive map viewer
Indiana Spatial Data Service interactive map viewer
Purdue CAAGIS Web Map Services
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On Disk – FREE

Public libraries around the state have IndianaMap packages on their shelves now. Each package includes a basic viewer, statewide data, and orthophotography for the county the library is in. They can be checked out, copied, saved and customized. More information on the IndianaMap pages.

On Disk – Purchase

IGIC online store: Sets of MrSid tiles by county, township mosaics, color infrared imagery and elevation data are available from IGIC. For information on purchasing statewide sets, contact the IGIC offices at 317.489.0091 or info@igic.org.

IGS bookstore: County mosaics are available from the Indiana Geological Survey.

County Recipients

Contact your local officials for information on electronic copies for your county.