Past Years


July 2006

Excerpted from the Lieutenant Governor’s June 26th press release on the orthophotography and the IndianaMap online.

“INDIANAPOLIS – Today Lt. Governor Becky Skillman and the State’s partners at the Indiana Geographic Information Council announced that a detailed computer map has been delivered to every Indiana county and is now available online for all to see.

“It is safe to say that few have ever seen Indiana the way it appears on these maps,” said Lt. Governor Skillman, who serves as chair of the Indiana Counter-Terrorism and Security Council. “The mapping technology will be invaluable to governments and businesses across the state for everything from economic development and environmental planning to emergency response and demographic studies. The information that can be layered onto the maps is limitless, and so is the potential to use this tool.”

“In the short time that these orthophotos have been available, we are already reaping the benefits,” said Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Ph.D., Director of the Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc. “Communities are using them for everything from better flood protection to drug enforcement to attracting new businesses, and much, much more. The uses are nearly endless, and the more they are used the more valuable they become. There are several local and state partners that have helped make this project happen. Indiana University and the Indiana Geological Survey have been especially helpful making these maps available online.”

“We are very pleased to have access to this new technology,” said Indiana Department of Homeland Security Executive Director Eric Dietz. “This mapping technology will make Indiana’s response capabilities more efficient and effective. Having a single source for information concerning location of events and key equipment will improve our ability to direct help to the right capability to the right location at the right time.”

June 2006

On May 10, Pinnacle (distribution vendor) finished delivery of the color tiles and 1:20 MrSIDs to all 92 counties. EarthData (acquisition vendor) has shipped all elevation and infrared products and Pinnacle is packaging those for delivery in early June. Final production of the First Responder and AccuGlobe viewing applications are underway with delivery scheduled for mid-June.

EarthData finished 2006 reflights for the areas with heavy leaves. The new photos are scheduled for delivery in July.

IGIC has arranged for Google and Microsoft to receive the photos, and EROS will receive a copy of the photos from Microsoft.

The IGIC Board voted to provide a certificate of appreciation to recognize Anna Radue and Indiana University – University Information Technology Services (UITS) for their efforts in setting up the download site, the webmap and web feature services. These sites get hundreds of hits per day

The IGIC Board also voted to recognize the Indiana Geological Survey for their efforts to post the orthos on their webmap server.

April 2006

The last of the color photo tiles were shipped from acquisition vendor EarthData on March 22nd, including the area which was reprocessed to correct a problem with accuracy. Distribution vendor Pinnacle Mapping Technologies has been working hard to package the tiles, and as of April 27th had delivered orthophotography to 75 counties. See a list of completed counties.

All the digital surface tiles have been shipped to Pinnacle, and 99% of the digital elevation tiles have been shipped. All of the color DOQQ mosaics have been shipped, as well as 68% of the infrared DOQQ mosiacs. Dewberry continues to perform the quality assurance tasks brilliantly.

Reflights in leaf-on areas are finished, and EarthData has begun processing those photos.

University Information Technology Service at Indiana University is posting the photos in an interactive map and for free download at

March 2006

At the beginning of March, acquisition vendor EarthData had shipped nearly all of the photo tiles statewide while continuing to process those rejected for aesthetic issues. One area of 1,300 photo tiles is being reprocessed to correct a problem with accuracy. EarthData also resampled and delivered almost all of the 2,700 photo tiles on the border between 6-inch and 1-foot counties.

QC vendor Dewberry has reviewed the digital elevation tiles, and has received 20% of the color infrared tiles. Pinnacle Mapping, which is handling the deliveries, has sent final packages to 24 counties, and is packaging and shipping about 2 counties per day. About 70% of the compressed photo tiles (MrSID) have been delivered to the State, and will be posted for public download. Reflights for leaf-on tiles started, and new photos for Perry and Dubois counties have been captured.

February 2006

At the end of January, acquisition vendor EarthData had shipped 66,458 photo tiles (99% of the State) to QC vendor Dewberry for review. The rest of the photos are anticipated in the first week of February; and EarthData is concentrating on processing the few photos that were rejected for aesthetic issues. Final deliverables have been sent to 9 counties, and the remainder are being processed for delivery as quickly as the photos become available. Indiana University began posting photos to their massive storage array computer; these are available to the public at

January 2006

Thanks to an FGDC CAP grant and a lot of man-hours, University Information Technology Services at Indiana University, in partnership with IGIC, is able to offer the 2005 orthophotography free for download. Files are being added as work is completed and delivered to the counties. Visit UITS� Indiana Spatial Data Portal at to take advantage of this exciting new service.

As of December 31st, orthophoto acquisition vendor EarthData had shipped 52,000 photo tiles (76% of the state) to Dewberry for QC review. The acceptance rate is good – better than 99%, except for leaf-on conditions. To resolve these issues, EarthData will first deliver the 2005 photos for the entire state, then refly Perry and Dubois Counties and any other heavy leaf-on areas in the Spring of 2006. The table below shows the projected dates of delivery. Distribution to the counties generally takes place is about 2 weeks after the dates shown, provided there are no QC issues with the photos.



Delivered for Quallity Control Review

Natural Color Photos (1-foot, 6-inch) Through January 24, 2006
DEM (near bare-earth) Through February 14, 2006
Color Photos (1-meter) Through April 14, 2006
Color Infrared (1-meter) Through April 14, 2006

December 2005

At the end of November, EarthData had shipped about 47,000 photo tiles (69% of the state) to Dewberry for QC review. The acceptance rate is good – better than 99%. Final deliveries have been made to Sullivan, Vigo and Clay counties; and we look to be able to deliver all counties by the end of January. Some of the later photo missions have leaf-on issues, and the State is working with EarthData to determine where reflights are needed.

October 2005

Acquisition vendor EarthData began sending aerial orthophotos to Dewberry for QC in September. As of October 5, EarthData had shipped 14,956 of about 70,000 tiles. Dewberry reviews each photo, and notifies EarthData if there are any issues. As data for a full county is received, Pinnacle Mapping will prepare these for delivery to that county. We expect the first deliveries to counties in mid-October, and anticipate all counties will have data by the end of the year. Indiana University and the State of Indiana are preparing sites for the photos to be available via the Internet. At the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns conference, IGIC President Alex Wernher gave a plot of the first photo to Governor Mitch Daniel’s staff. Jill Saligoe-Simmel and Jim Stout presented an update of the project at the MidAmerica Arc User Group (MAUG) Conference.

September 2005

Last month we reported that EarthData was given a notice-to-proceed to process photos for all of Indiana. In the last month, we signed the contract with Dewberry for quality assurance. A QA kick-off meeting was held August 22nd in Indianapolis with representatives from EarthData (acquisition vendor), Dewberry (QA vendor) and the state ortho committee. On August 20th, Dewberry received the first delivery of 1,678 photo tiles (out of 67,000). EarthData is planning to deliver over 3,000 tiles per week until the whole state is done.

August 2005

Project managers at IMAGIS have finished reviewing the pilot data received in June. After some adjustments, the acquisition contractor, EarthData, has been given the green light to begin delivering tiles for the rest of Indiana. Negotiations for the QA/QC contract are still under way.

June 2005

An update from IMAGIS Program Manager Jim Stout

In mid-April, the aerial photo acquisition vendor for the project, EarthData, completed capturing the photos for all of Indiana. On several days, there were as many as five airplanes in the air. For most of the state, EarthData took pictures representing 12-inch ground resolution. In thirteen counties, the pictures are at even higher 6-inch ground resolution.

On June 16, Indiana received a pilot area including 34 orthophoto tiles to review. All the photos met basic technical specifications (right coordinate system and geographic location, good feathering and mosaicking,etc). We were especially pleased with the color and tone balance of the photos, with bright colors and crisp edges.

We’re very excited to see the first of the images for this massive project. The amount of hard work and effort that has gone into (and still does) making this a success are being rewarded.

As soon as we are finished reviewing the sample photos and elevation models, EarthData is ready to begin delivering tiles for the rest of Indiana. We anticipate that all of the photo tiles will be delivered to the State before December 1, 2005.

We’re currently in the process of hiring a vendor to perform the Quality Assurance review of each of the 70,000 tiles which EarthData will be sending us. After a complex proposal review, the State selected Dewberry & Davis for contract negotiations. Details about deliverables will be available once the negotiations are complete.