Project Funding


Funding for this project came from a number of stakeholders, including Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the United States Geological Survey and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Major contributions came from the Indiana 2004 State and Local Homeland Security Grant administered through the Indiana Counter-Terrorism and Security Council (now the Indiana Department of Homeland Security).


Why homeland security? Because information management is critical for homeland security, and few applications are as important as a robust GIS. Mapping can be used for emergency planning, modeling, response, as well as recovery. Law enforcement can use it for mapping trends, thereby improving performance, and public health agencies can use it for syndromic surveillance. And because these agencies can share the base map with other local agencies, the GIS can be used for many other applications, including tax assessment, planning, economic development, and managing property, utilities, and the environment.


With the help of these and other stakeholders, Indiana is developing an integrated, complementary and interoperable statewide GIS. The orthophotography program will provide a current, accurate, statewide, seamless base map at significantly reduced costs over county-by-county data collection.