2011-13 Orthophotography Project



This project is part of the ongoing effort to maintain and update Indiana’s orthophotography. The 3-year project to acquire 1-foot resolution imagery for the entire state has been the result of cooperation between State, local, and federal agencies, as well as universities and nonprofit organizations.

What Was Collected When?

For this project, Indiana has been divided up into three acquisition areas: center (2011), east (2012), and west (2013). A Request for Proposal was release in 2010 and the contract awarded to Woolpert to collect 1-foot pixel 4-band digital orthoimagery statewide with 6-inch and 3-inch buy-up options for communities.  2011-2013_Statewide_Imagery_MapWoolpert also acquired and delivered to the State of Indiana 1.5 meter nominal-pulse-spacing LiDAR from which they also created a 5-foot pixel bare-earth hydro-flattened Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for the same area.

Where Can I Get the Data?

The 2011 imagery has been published to the IndianaMap, and the Indiana Spatial Data Portal, where it can be viewed, downloaded, and accessed as a web service. The data is also available to IGIC corporate and institutional members who would like to check out a hard drive. Contact Phil Worrall at pworrall@igic.org for details.

What’s Happening Now?

Keep abreast of the latest work on the program by visiting the Orthophotography Workgroup webpages.