Tie Card Scanning Project


The Tie Card Scanning Project is a partnership between IGIC, the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors (ISPLS), the Office of the State Geodetic Advisor, the County Surveyors Association and the private sector. Using a grant from the Central Indiana Community Foundation, IGIC and ISPLS purchased equipment for use on the Tie Card Project. The grant paid for laptops and scanners that can be checked out and used by County Surveyors to scan and rename their tie cards. Tie Cards contain the County Surveyors’ information about the PLSS corners. Most PLSS corners do not have coordinates. The cards are the source used to locate the PLSS corner.

The geodetic subcommittee created a GIS map layer containing a Point Grid System. The Point Grid does not represent the surveyed locations of the PLSS corner, but it is a way to make Surveyors’ Tie Cards accessible in a digital, geographic manner. The workgroup determined that the Tie Card Project would be beneficial in the absence of surveyed coordinates for the PLSS corners. As coordinates become available, we will work toward a PLSS coordinate layer.

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