IGIC’s 2016 Government Geospatial Coordinator Forum

IGIC LogoIGIC, your Indiana Geographic Information Council hosted its 10th Annual Government Geospatial Coordinator Forum on Thursday, November 17th, 2016.

This year’s event was hosted at Beck’s Hybrids Indiana Headquarters located at 6767 E 276th St., Atlanta, IN 46031.

This year we also celebrated the birthday of our state, with our theme of:

“200 Years of Putting Indiana On The Map”

From sketches and notes recorded in the journals of Indiana’s first land surveyors, to beautiful hand drawn cartographic works of art, to today’s digital maps using geospatial data and technology, we celebrate a rich history of Indiana map making.

Forum Overview:

The Forum this year brought together 80 GIS enthusiasts and advocates who work at all levels of government across Indiana and from the private sector who use, develop, coordinate or manage Geographic Information Systems (GIS) maps, data, and tools to serve and support their communities.

The Forum provides a venue in which colleagues collaborate to share information to solve common problems, identify areas of growth, and envision a future for Indiana as a national leader in development, research, and application of diverse geospatial technologies to empower the business of government at all levels.

Forum Topics & Presentations:

At this year’s forum we…

  • Discussed details of a number of ongoing statewide geospatial data initiatives
  • Examined the results of the November 8th National, State and Local Election and discussed the potential impact and opportunities that our geospatial community may face as a result
  • Explored how we can advocate at a local, state and national level to help us meet our geospatial goals.
  • in the afternoon separate government sector breakout sessions were held to discuss Federal, State, Regional, County, City/Town Government, and Higher Education geospatial issues.

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