IMPO Job Opening – Transportation Planner-Data

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (IMPO) is seeking a technically-oriented professional planner, geographer, engineer, or data analyst, for the position of Transportation Planner – Data. The Planner will help support the data support and analytical needs of many of the elements of the MPO’s work program.

Applicants with experience developing and performing urban forecasts (population, employment, and land use) using the Cube Land or UrbanSim land use model will be given preference.  In addition, spatial and tabular data compilation, storage, and spatial analysis skills applied to transportation systems are desired, including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, the ESRI GIS suite, and Caliper’s TransCAD software package.

IndyMPO is a dynamic, progressive transportation planning agency and designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) serving the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area.

A detailed job description, including conditions of employment and application are available HERE:

This is the website of the Human Resources Department of the City of Indianapolis, which provides the IndyMPO’s HR support.

Direct questions concerning the position itself to Andrew Swenson, Principal Planner-Data at  or (317)-327-5132.  For all other questions, please see contact information on the HR website.

Transportation Planner-Data – CLOSING DATE: 01/22/16 11:59 PM

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