Indiana State Department of Health Job Opening for Spatial Data Analyst

Job Description:

The Indiana State Department of Health is currently seeking a Spatial Data Analyst. The GeoSpatial Data Analyst investigates agency health data resources to identify patterns and relationships through statistical measurements and geo-visualizations. The analyst develops and applies methodologies and mathematical models to derive statistics, maps and other diagrams to assist all program areas in data-driven decisions. The analyst also assists in necessary data collection, integration and maintenance in order utilize data within a geographic information system platform. A robust geo-analytical capacity is critical to the agency’s mission as it identifies health-related indicators at a granular community level. The analyst works with program directors, agency staff and local health departments to ensure analysis results are explained and utilized appropriately.


  • Provide geostatistical analysis, measurements or reports for all health programs.
  • Develop and apply appropriate geostatistical models and methodology.
  • Create and maintain visualizations of data and statistical results.
  • Create and maintain accurate geospatial datasets.
  • Utilize appropriate geographic information system software and other statistical packages.
  • Assist Local Health Departments in developing and utilizing geospatial products and methods.
  • Other duties as assigned

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