IndianaMap ALERT – February 2016

igsReported By:  Chris Dintaman
GIS Specialist
Indiana University | 611 N. Walnut Grove Avenue | Bloomington, IN 47405-2208



Ever since our County Data Sharing Initiative grew to over one-million parcels and address points we have had to abandon using the Esri Shapefile format for downloads, and have been providing these statewide data in Esri File Geodatabase format for downloading.

That works fine for Esri users, but not for other CAD/GIS software programs, and also not for those folks who ALL Three-Million plus statewide parcel and address points that are currently available on IndianaMap.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that the Indiana Geological Survey will now offer these data layers separated by County and once again for download in Esri Shapefile format!

Layer Gallery Updates

We have just updated the available formats of our downloadable data for the three of the four local county-based framework layers showing Land Parcels, Street Centerlines, and Address Points. In addition to being able to download a statewide version of each dataset in an Esri File Geodatabase format, users can now download a zip file that contains an Esri Shapefile for each of Indiana’s 92 counties. Use the following links to go to the Layer Gallery and click “DownloadSHPs” to obtain the new download files in shapefile format!

Add and Cent

  • Land ParcelsNow available for download in both Esri File Geodatabase and county-based Shapefiles


Please note that the DownloadSHPs option is only available from the IndianaMap Layer Gallery and not from the IndianaMap Viewer.

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