IndianaMap ArcGIS online County Timeline Story Map Template


Overview: On December 11, 1816, President James Madison signed the act admitting Indiana to the Union, a date we now celebrate as Statehood Day.

Indiana’s 2016 Bicentennial celebration aims to honor our state’s 200 years of history, and to do so in a modern way that engages all 6.5 million Hoosiers and leaves a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Geography Educator’s Network of Indiana (GENI) is helping celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial with the creation of 92 custom10’x10’ County maps – on vinyl, produced in partnership with the IndianaMap developers and hosts at the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS).  Each map also includes a custom timeline depicting a chronology of historic County events aligned with Indiana and U.S. / World events.

To complement GENI’s printed County Map and Timelines being creating, the IGIC team developed an ArcGIS Online Story Map Template with Timeline for Counties to publish these maps as an interactive online map experience.  IGIC worked with the IGS IndianaMap partners to complete this project.

Results: The IGIC Team has designed and developed an Esri map template using IndianaMap layer REST services, plus documenting methods to include additional local (County) data map layer[s] used to create the Counties printed Bicentennial Maps and Timelines.

The IGIC Team designed, developed and documented an Timeline / Story Map Application template using existing FREE Esri online resources, the existing and custom GIS data layers, and the Adobe PDF Timeline document created by GENI.



The IGIC team created ArcGIS online County Timeline Story Maps for two representative Indiana counties (Tippecanoe, and Porter), and publish these as public resources on IGIC will also record an educational webinar on this process for a third Indiana County and make this freely available on the IGIC web site to support the Indiana Bicentennial efforts.


• For information about Indiana’s Bicentennial Celebration, go to –
• For information about The GENI printed County Map and Timelines go to –
• For a .pdf copy of this Fact Sheet click here – 2016_igic_county_timeline_story_map_fact_sheet
• For instructions on using this Story Map Template and a Webinar recording of the process click here [COMNG SOON].

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