IndianaMap Update – June 2017 (PART 2)

Reported By:  Chris Dintaman
GIS Specialist
Indiana University | 611 N. Walnut Grove Avenue | Bloomington, IN 47405-2208

Announcing our beta release of the IndianaMap Viewer (Version 4)

We are releasing our beta version of the map for IndianaMap (version 4) and we think it’s ready for you to take it for a test drive.

Please help us to test it from any or all of the following devices- your desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The temporary URL for the beta version 4 is here –


Send us your Feedback and Comments

To achieve a better product, we are requesting your help in reviewing the new IndianaMap.

Please review the map viewer application and not the data.

The data are more or less the same for both the current and beta version of IndianaMap.

Also, the Layer Gallery (downloads. metadata, etc.) and other supporting web pages will eventually be modified once the new map is officially adopted.

We would appreciate your feedback and comments about the viewer experience (from any or all of your preferred devices).

You may send your comments to through July 1.



Background Information about the IndianaMap Viewer (Version 4)

The IndianaMap (version 4) application was designed and built using Esri’s “Web App Builder for Developer” using widgets from Esri and GetHub.

The following goals guided our team in developing this application:

  • Responsive design (same map on desktops, phones, tablets).
  • Easy and more frequent updates to map features, tools, and user-interface.
  • Provide end-users with a consistent set of modern GIS map application toolsets.
  • Easily and quickly add new REST services, update existing REST services, and include REST services hosted by other organizations.
  • Use dynamic REST services for line, point, and polygon layers (non-cached layers).
  • Give end-users the ability to add data, from their own files and from the Web, to their map session.

The current IndianaMap, version 3, is still fully operational, , and will continue to be supported until version 4 is ready to replace it.

The plan is to incorporate the review comments through the summer.

We will then announce that we are ready to replace the older map with IndianaMap (version 4) at some point in the fall.

We will provide advanced notice before we make this switch…

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