IPL – Intern – Drafting & Records

Indianapolis Power & Light Companyipl
Drafting & Records Services Team
1230 W Morris Street, Indianapolis, IN 46221
May 17, 2016 to May 27, 2016

Internship opportunity available for the summer of 2016 on the Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) Drafting & Records Services Team.

Qualifications:  Under supervision, the successful candidate should be a student pursuing a degree in Geography or Geographic Information System (GIS) or related field of study. An academic standing of Sophomore status or higher is preferred. Candidates who have experience with geography, GIS, AutoCAD, cartography or engineering are preferred. Candidates possessing a strong academic background and proficiency with Microsoft Office programs – especially Access and Excel — are greatly preferred.

Primary Duties:  Intern will assist with projects involving data population in our GIS (Intergraph) system including smart addresses, street centerlines, data cleanup/correction in the system, land base rectification, updating the current Outage Management System and CYME, data scrubbing of both graphical and data fields, and reducing work order backlog utilizing the following approaches:

• Digitizing from source documents
• Posting of work orders
• Ensuring Quality Assurance and Quality Control of electrical data
• Updating Land base in GIS using pdf and/or AutoCAD
• Running SQL reports and correcting data errors
• Importing and translating digital files
• Enhancing Land base in Transmission corridors

Intern also may be expected to complete additional assignments as determined by his or her supervisor.

Academic Credit:  If academic credit for the work experience is desired, it is the intern’s responsibility to provide appropriate paperwork, interviews and evaluations to the supervisor in a timely manner for completion and verification.

Working Conditions:  Working conditions vary. Conditions include indoor work in clean, well-lighted, air-conditioned, heated and ventilated surroundings, as well as power generation, transmission and distribution sites. These sites may have high temperatures and humidity; may involve outdoor work observation; require the use of personal protective equipment or special clothing. Job may require some driving (company vehicle) and field work.

The work at IPL is both challenging and rewarding. Interns enjoy competitive salaries and a state-of-the-art technical environment. If you are energetic, enthusiastic and interested in a worthwhile opportunity, we would like to consider your resume! Please visit our job portal: aesunitedstates.jobs to apply.





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