IUPUI Fall 2014 Semester – Contemporary Issues in Geographic Information Science

IUPUI, School of Geography
Fall 2014 Semester
GEOG – G 390/602 (3 credits)
Topics in Geography/Contemporary Issues in Geographic Information Science
6:00 P – 8:40 P Mondays
Instructor: Jim Sparks

Most of us benefit from geographic information technology whether we know it or not. Geospatial data and the technologies to use that data are in our cars, on our phones, and overhead in the sky. Governments use geographic information systems (GIS) to create policy. Emergency responders use GIS to get on an operational “same page”. Businesses use GIS to find you and understand your shopping patterns. In the last few years, as the availability of high (and low) quality data sets has increased, and the technology has become more pervasive and accessible, so have issues increased about personal privacy, data ownership, governmental transparency, and more.


 G390/602 is designed to provide context and understanding of the various, and often conflicting, perspectives surrounding the issues that define the practice of GIS and that are guiding its future. The format for this course is primarily class discussions—most led by the instructor and some led by students; there will also be some short lectures, several films/videos, and weekly laboratory exercises.  For more information: http://registrar.iupui.edu/enrollment/4148/

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