Enterprise $1,500

Available to the State of Indiana where multiple Institutional Members exist, and pricing is beneficial when combining more than 5 Institutional groups (e.g. State Agencies can join under a single State Government Enterprise Membership as opposed to joining as individual Institutional Memberships):

Includes 6 institutional memberships (these are typically the lead GIS staff at the GIO, IDNR, IDEM, INDOT, IDHS, ISDH as designated by the GIO.
“Enterprise Additional Members” can join for $75 each (any other Indiana State government employee regardless of agency)
All Institutional Membership benefits, plus…
Custom listserv provided to communicate among enterprise members

Listing on IGIC website with logo and link

Enterprise – Additional Members

Indiana State Government Employees can participate in the State’s IGIC Enterprise Membership by purchasing their own individual Enterprise Additional Membership.  A credit card payments for $75 per person, or an invoice for $75 is provided at the time of registration.  Click on the register button below to join IGIC in 2018.